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The former HRD of “Charlie Hebdo” eliminated in Meurthe-et-Moselle

In Meurthe-et-Moselle, Marika Bret will not have succeeded in convincing. The former director of human resources of Charlie Hebdo and candidate in the 5th district under the colors of Ensemble-Renaissance, is indeed eliminated in the first round of the legislative elections. She obtained only 14.13% of the votes. Candidate for re-election, Dominique Potier (DVG), who had refused to join Nupes, is well ahead with 43.97% of the votes and will face Philippe Morenvillier (RN) in the second round, who obtains 27.40%.

On the whole of the department, Nupes achieves a breakthrough where it arrives in the second round in four of the six constituencies, and the presidential majority is maintained in three constituencies, where it will face left-wing candidates on June 19. Caroline Grandjean (ENS-Renaissance), outgoing MP for the 1st constituency, for example, tops the first round with 33.69%, closely followed by Nordine Jouira (Nupes-LFI, 32.83%).

An RN-Nupes match in the 6th

The RN is also in the second round in two other constituencies: in the 4th, Dominique Bilde (RN) obtains 25.99%, behind the outgoing deputy Thibault Bazin (LR), in the lead with 31.29%. In the 6th constituency, Anthony Boulogne (RN, 28.48%), will be opposed to outgoing MP Caroline Fiat (Nupes-LFI), who is hot on his heels with 29.97% of the vote. A caregiver by profession, she created a surprise in 2017 by being elected against the RN with more than 61% of the vote.

Another Nupes candidate in the lead in the department, Stéphane Hablot (Nupes-PS) won 36.59% in the 2nd constituency. Mayor of Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy since 2008, he will face Emmanuel Lacresse (ENS) who obtains 31.60%. As for the outgoing Xavier Paluszkiewicz (ENS-Renaissance, 25.16%), he will be opposed to Martine Etienne (Nupes-LFI) in the 3rd district.

Source: 20minutes

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