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Bullfighting: “Tomorrow there will be no ban,” says Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday that “tomorrow there will be no ban” on bullfighting, as required by the LFI, and advocated “reconciliation, exchange” on this issue. “We must look at what is in our culture,” the President of the Republic substantiated. “Tomorrow there will be no ban. We must move towards reconciliation, exchange. From my point of view, this is not a priority at the moment. This topic should be promoted with respect and attention,” said the President of the Republic on the sidelines of a visit to the salon of the Association of Mayors of France.

Macron wants to “take into account local features”

Bullfighting stirs up passions through press forums and demonstrations and pits animal welfare advocates against “cultural tradition” advocates within various political groups. “We must take into account local peculiarities and customs to which our compatriots are legally attached. And the state of the animal and the sensitivity that it awakens, especially in the younger generation. As soon as we are invective, it doesn’t work,” the head of state added.

“The condition of animals is not always listened to sufficiently, this is a real issue. When we talk about hunting, bullfighting, the subject of the animal condition, we have to approach it,” and “in the same way we should look at what is in our culture,” he continued. These debates must “be conducted with respect. With respect for traditions and our culture, because people get the impression that they are deprived of their culture. And in line with our commitment to biodiversity and climate. There is a way out. »

Fear of obstacles

A complete ban on bullfighting, advocated by LFI MP Aymeric Caron, is one of twelve texts on the party’s “parliamentary niche” menu in the National Assembly on Thursday. LFI MPs are hoping for political attention, despite the risk of “obstruction” from their opponents.

More than 500 amendments have been made to the text on bullfighting. A “pure and simple stonewall” with “some amendments that attack me” was personally deplored Monday by Aymeric Caron. Despite the support of the majority in public opinion, a proposal rejected by the committee has little chance of being approved.

Source: Le Parisien

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