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“You’re going to shut up!” : electric session at the Assembly for the Reintegration of Unvaccinated Caregivers

The tone is (again) raised in the National Assembly this Thursday evening, and the elected representative of Guadeloupe, Olivier Serva (Freedoms, Independents, Overseas and Territories), caused an uproar in the semicycle. As MPs debated the LFI bill, which would provide for the reintegration of caregivers not vaccinated against Covid-19, Olivier Serva, who left the majority in the last legislative election precisely because he was outraged by mandatory vaccinations, took the floor for a withdrawal. order.

“You are using petty tricks, like your ideals, you are soiling democracy with your baseness, you are in the minority, accept it,” he told the majority MPs, accused of making many amendments to slow down the debate. When he tried to speak, he was interrupted by other elected officials, he lost his temper and blurted out: “You will shut up! pointing a finger at one of his colleagues.

His release caused a stir in the Palais Bourbon. And the chairman of the session, Naima Muchou (deputy of the Horizons and relatives of Val-d’Oise), reacted according to the principle of “an eye for an eye”: “No, this is impossible. Mr Serva, this is an insult. Dear colleagues, we cannot proceed to invectives like this.” “The meeting is adjourned for five minutes,” she announced.

Most are accused of slowing down the debate with “fake” amendments

After the suspension of the meeting, the vice president wanted to call for calm and ask for an end to “provocations”. “It’s late and the mood is heating up, but I don’t want to hear anymore what I heard a few minutes ago,” she warned.

After several tense speeches that caused “obstacles” to the debate, Olivier Veran took the floor. “I am surprised by the level of tension that I have never seen in my twelve years in parliament,” said a government spokesman and former minister of solidarity and health.

In the words of the vice president, amidst noise and a more than electrified atmosphere, the debate was again suspended for ten minutes before resuming in a “circus” atmosphere. Debate could not be held before midnight as speeches were cancelled. The elected officials decided to leave the room before the close of the meeting at 23:57.

The bill, discussed tonight, provides that “employees thus reinstated will be able to practice subject to daily presentation of a valid negative screening test for Covid-19.” The government opposes this, and LFI MPs accuse the majority of making a large number of “fake” amendments to slow down the text and prolong the meeting at the end of the night.

Source: Le Parisien

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