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Hauts-de-Seine: Emmanuel Pellerin, Majority Member of Parliament, admits to having used cocaine since he was elected

“I am not an elected representative of the republic who takes drugs,” he initially defended himself. Before admitting to using cocaine after he was elected. Faced with an in-depth investigation by Mediapart, Haute-Seine MP Emmanuel Pellerin for the majority admitted to using drugs, particularly cocaine, before and after his election to the Palais Bourbon last year. spring, according to online media. An offense punishable by imprisonment for one year and a fine of 3,750 euros, which the lawyer could not ignore.

“I took drugs again on the weekend when we celebrated my inauguration in July and after that it was all over,” Emmanuel Pellerin admitted to Mediapart, calling out “the biggest bullshit of my life” after repeatedly insisting on the absence of any use by the legislative elections. “People who tell you that I took drugs after the campaign is wrong,” he said and repeated to Mediapart. Cannabis and cocaine use is mentioned by Mediapart.

The investigation was opened and then closed

The investigation against Emmanuel Pellerin was opened on 9 September following, inter alia, a statement from his own son. He told his psychologist that at the end of July his father gave him a box of drugs. The psychologist then relayed “alarming information” as part of a juvenile in danger alert system. The investigation was terminated on September 26, the prosecutor considered that “the components of the criminal offense have not been established.”

How will the majority react to these revelations? Emmanuel Macron has made the fight against drugs one of his priorities. This goal is shared by his Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin. “The main responsibility lies with the consumer. If there were no consumers, there would be no human trafficking,” he said in June last year. “Let’s stop putting up with worldly drug use,” he also supported in an interview with Parisian.

Emmanuel Pellerin was forced into the Hauts-de-Seine by the former deputy Thierry Soler, implicated in several cases, currently an adviser to Emmanuel Macron.

Source: Le Parisien

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