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Pension reform: “49.3, an absolute scandal” that infuriated demonstrators in Paris

At the moment when one after another media alerts hit the smartphones of about two hundred activists gathered on the University Street, just before 15:00, a hundred meters from the National Assembly (Paris VIIe), whistles are blown. The application of Article 49.3 to justify the pension reform is being formalized. Macron resigns! Macron resigns! shout the demonstrators, ignoring the police order to evacuate the premises.

“This is a real scandal,” says Solene, a secondary school teacher in the Seine-et-Marne. The President of the Republic does not respect the people. We have been mobilizing for a month and a half, and as a result, he insults us, breaking through. »

“Recognition of Weakness from the President of the Republic”

Half an hour later, demonstrators flock to Concorde Square to take part in a rally initiated by the Solider trade union. Whose pension is this? She is ours! “We are here, we are here, even if Macron does not want to, we are here,” sing several thousand activists who are present until the beginning of the evening, in a festive atmosphere. On the bridge, two rows of CRS buses and a truck armed with a water cannon block access to the National Assembly. Others are placed at each artery overlooking the square.

Christian and Frederick, dressed in their red CGT vests, seem almost disappointed. “With this government, we are used to 49.3,” laughs Christian, an Orange employee. “Evil, but not fatalistic,” Frederic, a postal agent, denounces “a real rejection of democracy.” “This is an admission of weakness on the part of the President of the Republic. According to him, he once again shows that he does not have a majority to govern. He chose the worst solution for his reform. This will especially enhance the challenge! I have never seen such a diverse movement with such zeal. »

At the foot of the obelisk, 37-year-old Sarah, formerly a film freelancer and now resuming her studies, is experiencing “digestive difficulties.” “I still find it hard to believe that the government persisted in pushing ahead. You don’t have to be a loser. We have not lost, we must continue to mobilize for this reform to be reversed. »

Sorbonne students as reinforcements

A little further, with the flag of the USSR in his hand, Fabien criticizes the “scam”. “If the government does not want to respect us, we will teach it to listen to us,” says Fabien, a professor at the University of Paris XIII. On the spot, Emmanuel Grondijn, federal secretary of SUD Rail, promises that the mobilization will not slacken. Against. “It is clear that now they will not let us go,” he warns. We will continue to mobilize widely and, of course, continue the renewed strike. The government will only give us the strength to go to the end. »

Source: Le Parisien

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