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Charles III in France: blue lobster and pink macaroni – discover the menu for a three-star dinner at the Palace of Versailles

Royal atmosphere at the Palace of Versailles on Wednesday. Emmanuel Macron invited King Charles III of England to a state dinner in the Hall of Mirrors on the first evening of the British sovereign’s three-day visit to France. The menu for the XXL banquet, which is expected to be attended by 150 to 180 guests, including members of the government, big bosses and figures from the arts and entertainment: seafood, poultry and Isfahan.

Entrance. Blue lobster and crab accompanied by notes of fresh almond and mint.

Dish. Bresque poultry with corn flavor, with porcini mushroom casserole.

Cheese. Thirty-month aged Comté cheese, a log of goat cheese and Stichelton (100% English blue cheese) accompanied by Mirabelle plum jelly.

Dessert. Ispahan Pierre Hermé with pink macaroons accompanied by lychee sorbet.

In the kitchen, Anne-Sophie Pic will take care of the appetizers, Yannick Alleno will take care of the main course. Both have been awarded three Michelin stars since 2007. Their dessert will be prepared by the famous pastry chef Pierre Herme. Dishes will be served in the famous Duplessis poultry service, made from the most prestigious Sèvres porcelain. Drinks in Baccarat crystal glasses.

“Follow in your mother’s footsteps”

The choice of the site, the most symbolic of the castle and originally intended to glorify the omnipotence of Louis XIV, the Sun King, is being debated and risks restoring the image of an absolute monarch in struggling France six months after a pension crisis. On the part of the Elysee Palace, any tests of absolute monarchism are swept aside in advance. The choice of Versailles responded above all to the desire of Charles III, “sensitive to the idea of ​​following in the footsteps of his mother”, and the desire to “make France shine” through one of its most prestigious places. says the president.

If the Elysee Palace remained the site of receptions in honor of Edward VII, the architect of the Concord, in 1903, and then George V, on the eve of the Great War, then the big game in honor of George VI took place again at Versailles. with a grand gala dinner in the Hall of Mirrors on July 19, 1938. While Europe was on the brink of war, this meeting celebrated the friendship and mutual assistance between Paris and London. On her first state visit in April 1957, a year after the Suez Crisis, Elizabeth, mother of Charles III, was also invited to a reception in the Hall of Mirrors. Of his six official trips to France, three would pass through Versailles.

Source: Le Parisien

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