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Terrorism, education, inflation… Elizabeth Bourne reveals her road map

She wants to commit to protecting the French more, developing more authority in the school, and expects better in terms of inflation. This Wednesday, Prime Minister Elisabeth Born spoke in an interview with the newspaper Le Figaro about the most alarming topics in the news. Summary.

The terminal is ready to go “further” to protect the French

Days after the Paris knife attack put pressure on the executive to face the jihadist threat, the prime minister said she was ready to pour more resources into protecting the French.

“All countries in the world are exposed to risks that must be avoided. We will mobilize resources for these Olympic Games (in Paris) and mobilize more if necessary,” she says. “Thanks to the recently adopted programming laws, the budgets of the Ministries of the Interior, Justice and the Armed Forces have been further strengthened. If necessary, we will go even further,” she adds.

The head of government, in particular, suggests that individuals such as Saturday’s attacker, known to the security services for his radical Islamism and mental disorders, could become the subject of “even closer attention.” “It is true that a significant number of people are being monitored for radicalization and terrorism. There are people under psychiatric care. At the intersection of these two factors, we may encounter people who require even more constant attention,” she says.

La Première fights for greater authority at school

“We are not going to give up here either,” the prime minister said when asked about the “unprecedented decline” in the results of French schoolchildren in the OECD Pisa 2022 education survey. “This recession has affected not only France, but all OECD countries. In addition, the tested generation did not benefit from the measures taken for primary schools. The minister presented a plan to improve the level of French and mathematics,” defended Elizabeth Bourne.

First of all, the Prime Minister campaigned to further educate the concepts of social behavior and respect for authority. “Fundamental knowledge is reading, writing, counting and behavior. I think respect for rules in society and government is important. Parents expect this from national education,” she told Le Figaro newspaper. “Moreover, when some of them are not able to teach this to their children, it is very important to be able to replace them. »

When asked about the use of school uniforms, Elizabeth Bourne said she was waiting for the end of the experiment in some institutions before commenting. “The priority is to ensure progress in the field of fundamental knowledge,” she recalled.

Born expects purchasing power to improve from 2024

In terms of purchasing power, the government says it is “vigilant”, “but the situation for the French should improve in the coming months thanks to lower inflation,” assures Elisabeth Born.

The French “benefit today from lower fuel prices (in the hope that the international situation will not interfere with traffic), and soon from increases in social benefits and pensions, as well as from catch-up wage growth. All this will give them a breath of fresh air,” she assures.

The Prime Minister also claims to be working to “better protect consumers, especially businesses hit by soaring energy prices” by reviewing “the framework for setting electricity prices”. At the same time, “the energy law, which will concern, in particular, electricity prices, will be one of the first texts that we will present in 2024,” she said.

Source: Le Parisien

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