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“Of course we are in a duel”: Emmanuel Macron again puts RN in his sights before the Europeans

Blow for blow. A duel has begun between the presidential camp and the National Rally on the eve of the European elections. And Emmanuel Macron himself began military action. In the columns of L’Humanité, firstly, assessing that “far-right forces will be inspired not to attend” the pantheonization of Missak Manouchian. Then in the fiery aisles of the Agricultural Exhibition, where he propagated the “project of dedevelopment and stupidity” that would consist of “leaving Europe.” Theoretical counter-offensive while the counter-offensive is aimed at his camp: The Walkers, who originally planned to launch their campaign a month ago, trail (by more than ten points!) Jordan Bardella’s ticket in the polls.

Therefore, the head of state sounded the alarm, which is the intended strategy. “It was a week of matches against RN on two issues that symbolized our very strong differences with them,” agrees one of his close ones. Manushyan – relationship with history; agriculture is about relations with Europe and openness to the world. “At the same time, as La Tribune reported on Sunday, Macron decided to choose the head of the list, MEP Valerie Haier.

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Source: Le Parisien

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