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Attal and Bardella debate: “Valerie Hayer has become invisible”, Glucksmann’s absence… political reaction of the evening

Gabriel Attal and Jordan Bardella spent a 75-minute debate hosted by France 2 on Thursday night trying to highlight their political differences without letting go of their evening opponent.

16 days before the European elections, RN list leader Jordan Bardella is leading in the polls. This debate allowed many topics to be discussed between the two politicians. There was no shortage of political reaction following this eventful debate.

The head of the presidential list is missing

Guest of the Face à Face program on BFMTV this Thursday morning, Sébastien Chenu, vice president of RN, stated that “the only ones who have a program are Jordan Bardella and RN.” “I was surprised to see a prime minister who doesn’t take responsibility for the results and lies,” he added, still welcoming a “dignified” debate.

Valerie Heyer, who was largely absent from this debate, spoke on X (formerly Twitter) after the show. “The great Prime Minister met with Jordan Bardella tonight who showed his incompetence, lies and posturing,” she wrote. According to Eric Zemmour: “The word Islam was not uttered during this entire debate. Not a word of wokism. Not a word “taxes”. The least we can say is that our ideas will not be well presented tonight. Once again,” he commented to X.

Republican MEP Nadine Morano, interviewed by BFMTV on Thursday evening, would like to see a debate between Francois-Xavier Bellamy and his RN opponent Jordan Bardella. “There is a massive desire to give Emmanuel Macron an electoral slap in the face,” she said on the channel, adding that “the real blow of anger would be to vote for François-Xavier Bellamy’s list.”

Two losers

On the left, reactions are more restrained. MEP, PS-Place Publique candidate in the European elections, Aurora Laluc also regrets the absence of Raphaël Glucksmann. She laments the two losers: the place of women and democracy.

She also responded to BFMTV: “I find a way to make Valerie Heyer invisible. We lose this duel between Renaissance and National Rally every time, but the reality is that it ends in a duet, not a duel.” She adds: “The winner is the National Rally. Once again this was legitimized by the macroonists. »

New debate on May 27.

As a result of the debate, Caroline Roux received on her platform four heads of the list for the June 9 elections on the topic “More or less Europe? “: Manon Aubry (Mad France), François-Xavier Bellamy (Republicans), Marie Toussaint (Ecologists) and Marion Marechal (Reconquet).

“I would like to start by telling you that I hesitated to come this evening,” said François-Xavier Bellamy, who was invited to “comment” on the debate. He denounces “a rather deep democratic crisis.” “What makes it possible to organize a confrontation between these two people? How did you choose them? Polls? “, he wonders, before adding: “If we had looked at the polls, we should have invited at least Raphael Glucksmann. »

A new debate will bring together the main candidates for the European elections on Monday 27 May on BFMTV. The hosts will be Apolline de Malherbe and Maxim Svitek. The first fight already took place on May 2 between Jordan Bardella and Valerie Heyer.

Source: Le Parisien

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