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Once again, without Novick: those summoned from Universitario for the match against San Martín

Lima, February 10, 2022Updated on 02/10/2022 09:10 pm

The list of summoned by Universitario de Deportes, with a view to the duel against Universidad San Martín, was made official this Thursday, one day before the game (Friday at 7:00 pm). After four days of field work, the new coach of the merengue cast, Álvaro Gutiérrez, made the selection and considered 19 footballers.

On the payroll, as happened at the start of the Peruvian championship, Hernán Novick is again absent (he was not 100%), Jorge Murrugarra, Iván Santillán and Alfonso Barco, the latter one of the additions for this season and who will not be available to face his former team.

In the relationship made public by Universitario, the names of Jorge Tandazo and Guillermo Larios stand out, from whom the technical director could use to add to the Minutes Exchange, according to the contest regulations.

The merengue team started the competition on the right foot. It was a resounding 3-0 victory at the expense of the Cantolao Academy at the Miguel Grau Stadium in Callao. Nelinho Quina, Alex Valera and Joao Villamarín were in charge of scoring the goals for Universitario.

“I want a team that delivers to the maximum in each training session, play, take off, because that is going to be reflected on the field and we will have more possibilities of achieving good results”, Coach Gutiérrez commented on the day of his official presentation at Universitario to the press.

Those summoned from Universitario to face San Martín

Joseph Carvallo

Federico Alonso

rafael guarderas

Armando Alfageme

alexander succar

Nelinho Quina

Luis Urruti

Jorge Tandazo

Joao Villamarin

Alberto Quintero

alex valera

Diego Romero

Angel Cayetano

Gerson Barreto

Nelson Cabanillas

Aldo Corzo

Robert Villamarin

William Larios

Piero Quispe

Source: Elcomercio

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