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Don’t talk to him about the transfer window… Unplayable, Mbappé rolled over his potential future club

Don’t talk to him about the transfer window… Unplayable, Mbappé rolled over his potential future club

Don’t talk to him about the transfer window… Unplayable, Mbappé rolled over his potential future club

At the Parc des Princes,

We do not buy Kylian Mbappé. Florentino Pérez tried last summer, it didn’t work. The few Real Madrid supporters traveling to the Parc des Princes on Tuesday evening should have known it. But it was stronger than them. So in the middle of warming up for PSG – posted in the camp on the visitor parking side – they decided to sing the praises of their possible (probable?) future recruit. “I knew I was expected, there is this particular context,” said Kylian Mbappé in the mixed zone after the meeting.

Did they do it for sleeping? Without a doubt ? To destabilize? Possible. But useless. On his first ball, left side, the Parisian striker fixes, provokes, hooks, eliminates. He will do this throughout the match until winning the match all by himself in stoppage time, with a masterpiece of dodging and composure that the person concerned takes care to decipher.

“I’m lucky to get into the box right away, I’m in control, I know what I want to do. I want to get into a shooting position quickly, I pass the two defenders and slide it between Courtois’ legs. »

Poorly paid courteous

A moved thought for the Belgian goalkeeper to whom France definitely does not succeed, and who was sulking at the microphone of RMC Sport. “We concede a goal stupidly at the last minute on a loss of ball. It was a three against one. I think Kylian is dribbling two players, the ball goes under my body. That’s a shame. »

We would almost be sorry if it didn’t suit us. If football was boxing, the bulwark of Real Madrid, author of 4,786 saves minimum, would have won in points (fists) hands down. He had announced the color at the start of the match by perfectly blocking the angle of fire chosen by Mbappé. The Parisian striker misses one, two, three times. Courtois seemed too strong from the front.

So Kyky is back to basics. Left side, we go in, we roll up, and we see what happens. The first attempt of its kind, in the last quarter of an hour of play, fails very little to the right of the Belgian’s post. And as an error, it is more than enough for players of his caliber, the second returns to crown the abnegation of the man. “As long as the referee hasn’t whistled, I’m always focused, that’s the lot of great attackers,” he obviously explains in all humility.

A victory for Al-Khelaïfi

A lesson in life that has the gift of pissing off Merengue supporters as much as it reassures them of the stratospheric level of the boy that all the seers of the Peninsula are sending to the Bernabeu in five months. Nevertheless, we cannot help thinking about it. To what? At PSG which qualifies, makes a big run in the Champions League and miraculously convinces Kylian Mbappé – whose final decision has not been officially made – to stay in Paris. The ultimate cold shower, much worse than that of the 93rd minute on Tuesday February 15. It deserves to exist, if only to compensate for all the “ticks, tocks” of Josep Pedrerol.

But whether he leaves for free or stays, Mbappé has in any case just justified Nasser Al-Khelaïfi’s strategy on the transfer market. Because it is exactly for this kind of goal that one refuses to sell his best player for nearly 200 plates to a rival club.

Source: 20minutes

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