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The sports consequences after Russia’s attack on Ukraine | SPECIAL

Ukraine lives its seventh day of war since last Thursday morning Vladimir Putin ordered to invade the country. On Tuesday, the president of the United States gave a speech in which he touched on the conflict between Russia – Ukraine. Due to this situation, the consequences for the Russians are not only economic or social, but also sports.

MIRA – War between Ukraine – Russia live: reactions in the sports world | Last minute

The world of sport has spoken out against the attacks it has been carrying out Russia to different cities in Ukraine and the highest bodies of the beautiful game, such as FIFA and UEFA, have taken strong measures against their selection and teams.

For example, the venue for the final of the UEFA Champions League 2021/22, which was originally scheduled to be played in Saint Petersburg. Next, find out in detail the sporting consequences in this SPECIAL produced by Trade.


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Source: Elcomercio

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