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Melgar was saved: Alesson’s goal for Cuiabá was annulled for offside | VIDEO

Lima, April 7, 2022Updated on 04/07/2022 06:04 pm

Melgar begins his participation in the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana this Thursday, nothing less than visiting Cuiabá from Brazil. The first minutes were intense and the partial advantage seemed to be favorable for the Brazilian team, after Alesson’s goal, but the linesman sanctioned an offside.

The ‘Rojinegros’ had control of the actions, pressing on rival terrain and creating dangerous chances. However, they were also neglected in the defensive zone and it almost cost dearly, given that the ‘Dorado’ built an offensive play, combining passes from the left wing to the right.

André handled the ball in three quarters of the field and made an extension to the right, for the projection of Joao Lucas. He took a low center towards the penalty spot, which was fought by Kelvin Osorio, although it was not very successful, since there were several Melgar players ahead.

However, there were a series of rebounds and the beneficiary was Alesson, who controlled almost in front of goalkeeper Carlos Cáceda and finished off with quality, to decree the partial 1-0 at the Arena Pantanal. The Cuiabá players began to celebrate, but the Bolivian referee Ivo Nigel Méndez put an end to the effusiveness.

The main judge was warned by his line assistant, who raised the flag late and called an offside. In this way, Melgar was saved from being down on the scoreboard and still has a positive outlook to be able to get a good result in this start of Group B of the Copa Sudamericana.

Source: Elcomercio

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