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Rommy Hübner: Who is our Under 60 poomsae world champion? | PROFILE

A fan who became so passionate about the sport that she became our world champion. In distant Goyang, South Korea, a group of Peruvians sing the national anthem at the top of their lungs watching Rommy Hübner receive his gold medal at the World Taekwondo Poomsae in the Sub 60 category.

Peru traveled to the World Cup with ten representatives and it was Rommy who climbed to the top of the podium, by winning the first individual gold medal for our country in this type of event –before it was only achieved in pairs–, and also the the only medal in the current world championship. In her category, the 15 best athletes in the world were present and Rommy showed all her art in this modality – poomsae is a combination of attack and defense movements against imaginary opponents – to win gold, which aroused the national team euphoria.

“Bravo Roomy”, Fabiana Varillas is heard shouting in a video posted on Instagram. “Historic moment”, says Hugo del Castillo – medalist in Lima 2019 – with the photo of Rommy kneeling on the tatami crying with emotion.

“Impossible best example: perseverance, dedication and motivation,” summarizes Aittana Moya, Rommy’s daughter on social networks with a photo of both.

-Loves sports-

“She is a sports fan. She began by accompanying her children to the training sessions and the passion of seeing them compete made her cheer up and little by little she was climbing”, Delicia Paredes, in charge of the modality at the Peruvian Poomsae Federation, tells us.

He was an athlete in his school days, but then he left it, although without losing that passion for being an athlete. His children Aittana, Arahel and Amadeo represent the Club Regatas in kyorugi and eight years ago (2014), Rommy started poomsae in our country. In 2016, with just months of training, he came close to the podium with fifth place.

“”, confirms Aittana, who in addition to her daughter is her training partner.

During the quarantine due to the pandemic, they had to improvise the living room as a training mat. “Poomsae is not my modality -Aittana practices kyorugi- but I helped her as much as I could because I know the corrections. We have a special connection,” she tells us.

Bond that goes beyond blood. Aittana and Rommy have been traveling companions to different tournaments. “”, She tells us.

Earlier this year, she was awarded at the Regattas for her achievements during 2021 and since March she has intensified her preparation for the World Cup. “We had expectations that she could be in the top four, but we are happy with this first place. She is very persevering in her workouts,” Delicia tells us. “”, explains Aittana.

Rommy is a mother of an athletic family. “I am left with her faith, with her ability to pursue her dreams, turn them into goals,” says Aittana, the person who knows her best both personally and in sports.

Delicia Paredes declares that the Peruvian participation in the Poomsae World Cup has been successful. “The countries that have won medals are the ones with eastern ties. Latinos are few”; she tells us and is confirmed with the table. Thanks to Rommy’s gold medal, Peru came in ninth place. From Latin America it is only surpassed by Mexico, seventh with a gold medal, another silver and six bronze medals. Brazil, for example, only had two bronzes.

In Peruvian history, Rommy’s is the eighth medal that Peru has achieved in the world Poomsae event. Our previous victory dates back to 2012 with the gold in pairs of Bruno Saux and Winnie Yi, who today is Rommy’s trainer. Marcela Castillo achieved a silver medal in the 2016 event.

Rommy’s future at the competition level is to compete in Opens and tournaments that have a masters category, since they are not part of the world taekwondo circuit. However, the Federation is excited about what comes with the modality itself. The South American Games of Juventus are coming this week in Rosario and at the end of the year the Pan American Poomsae will be held, where Peru is aiming high.

Source: Elcomercio

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