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Clarified topic: Byron Castillo is Ecuadorian; his deceased brother Bayron was Colombian

The controversy with the Ecuadorian soccer player Byron Castillowho was said to have been born in Colombia and could put Ecuador’s classification at risk due to a poor registration, has ended.

According to information from journalist Diego Arcos, from Ecuador’s ‘Blu Radio’, Byron Castillo was born in Ecuador, and was able to perform for his team without any problems. The one who was born in Colombia, and for which a legal problem was generated that put the ‘Tricolor’ at risk, was Bayron.

“He has a brother, who is deceased and his name was Bayron Javier, and Byron, it’s Bayron David, I went to see the place, General Villamil and on the machine I took out the baptismal match and it comes out that he is from Guayaquil, I could verify that he was Ecuadorian, but the brother was born in Colombia”.

“Everything is legal in Byron’s papers. Over there they said that there was an inconsistency in his papers and that generated confusion. He has a Colombian mother and brother.”Arcos added.

Byron had played against Paraguay, Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia, for which he put Ecuador’s classification at risk, because the punishment for a bad registration of a footballer is loss of points.

Source: Elcomercio

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