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‘Bambino’ Pons revealed that Edgardo Bauza, former Argentine coach, suffers from Alzheimer’s

At the end of September 2021, Edgardo Bauza’s representative announced that the technician had retired; and the news became official in October, with an emotional letter sent by ‘Patón’. At that time, the renowned soccer man revealed that he made the decision for a health issue, without providing further details.

Now, seven months later, the journalist Juan Manuel ‘Bambino’ Pons specified the former coach’s medical condition, causing surprise and regret. “He has very advanced Alzheimer’s and today is complicated. It is something that can happen to anyone from one day to the next.”, commented the rapporteur in an interview for Cielo Sports.

In the same way, the ESPN narrator stated that Bauza began to present the symptoms of the disease that affects memory since his time at Rosario Central, the last club he directed. “He ordered food, asked his assistant where the players are and they explained that they would come tomorrow”, he added.

Today Edgardo lives in Quito and comes to Rosario a little. He mixes up the colors and even the order of meals”, concluded ‘Bambino’ Pons regarding the remembered strategist, who also had a spell with the Argentine national team.

‘Patón’ Bauza and the explanation of his retirement

On October 3, 2021, Edgardo Bauza announced his retirement with a letter shared by Maximiliano, his son:

I was always a person open to dialogue, to tell and not to hide the issues related to my profession. It didn’t matter if it was good or bad news, happiness or sadness. I felt that, for all that football generates, sharing my sensations and thoughts was the correct way to respect and thank those who were interested in what I did. (…)

The reasons for my decision strictly respond to health reasons. I understood and accepted that, for my own well-being and that of my family, I had to get away from the work that I am passionate about and with which I lived for so many years, after my stage as a footballer”.

Source: Elcomercio

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