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Luis Advíncula suffered a tear: would he be able to play the playoffs?

Luis Advíncula suffered a tear: would he be able to play the playoffs?

Luis Advíncula suffered a tear: would he be able to play the playoffs?

New news arrived this morning from Argentina and it is not good. Boca Juniors reported that Luis Advíncula suffered a muscle injury in his right hamstring so he will not be able to play this Thursday against Deportivo Cali for the Copa Libertadores and that a recovery time of approximately 15 to 20 days is estimated.

The Peruvian’s injury affects the posterior muscle of the right thigh. Quite a tricky area considering is one of the least developed muscles compared to other parts for professional footballers.

The Xeneize club issued a fairly simple medical report without going into details or talking about recovery times, but the Argentine press estimates that in a heartbreak recovery takes at least a couple of weeks, something that worries, since the playoff is dispute on June 13, within 20 days.

For Julio Grados, a doctor specializing in sports medicine who was in the National Team for many years, he comments that knowing exactly how long Advíncula’s recovery will take depends on many factors. “You have to see what degree of injury it is. Muscular injuries are variable and very extensive”, comment.

In addition, he adds that a muscle injury, as reported by Boca Juniors, can be from a simple fatigue, a contracture or a tear and that depending on it, a recovery time could be estimated, but even so it is difficult. “It’s impossible to know if you don’t have an exact diagnosis and even if you had it, that depends on the day-to-day of the player”, it states

Types of muscle injuriesApproximate recovery times
simple muscle fatigue2 days
contracture2-3 days
fibrillar ruptureOne week to 10 days
tearMore than 10 days (depends on the size)

With the passing of days and the information that is handled from the Federation we will see the evolution of Luis Advíncula and hopefully he will have a speedy recovery for the playoff match.

Source: Elcomercio

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