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The blunders of the fans to the anthem of the Champions League in Real Madrid vs. Liverpool | VIDEO

One of the most special moments of the Champions League received the disapproval of the public at the Stade de France. Minutes from the start of Real Madrid vs. Liverpool, the players lined up in front of the stands and the competition anthem was heard on the speakers of the colossus, but the spectators whistled.

A loud boo came down from the stands of the sports arena located in Paris. The demonstration of the people lasted throughout one of the ceremonies that began the contest. In parallel, from the pitch, the footballers were unfazed by the unexpected reaction of the attendees.

The truth is that there was a reason for it. The definition was agreed for 2 in the afternoon (in Peru), but due to access problems and invasion of people without tickets to the stadium, the meeting was rescheduled three times: 2 and 15, then 2 and 30, and, finally, the actions started at 2 and 36 in the afternoon.

Real Madrid vs. Liverpool: delay in the start of the match

The Champions League final between Real Madrid vs. Liverpool suffered a delay due to problems outside the Stade de France in Paris. In the previous one, the fans of the English team, who for the most part did not have tickets, jumped the fences of the enclosure.

Fans then bypassed security personnel and headed to the stands to witness the match. However, on the way, the workers in charge of putting order arrested some supporters and took them out of the coliseum.

Due to the acts of vandalism, the authorities decided that the match be played from 2:36 pm (Peruvian time) to the boos of the attendees who arrived on time and paid for their tickets. For their part, the guards try to withdraw and search for the supporters who entered the stadium.

Source: Elcomercio

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