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Robert Rojas does not hold a grudge against Aldair Rodríguez for his injury: “It was not with bad intentions”

Robert Rojas spoke again about the injury he suffered playing for River Plate in view of Lima Alliance on the Libertadores Cupas a result of a kick from aldair rodriguez in the final minutes of the match. The national attacker repented after fracturing the Paraguayan defender and apologized. Almost two months after the incident, the “Millionaire” player relived what happened and ruled out feeling resentment for the “intimate” striker.

At first I felt helpless, I cried and cried, then when I was going to go to the hospital I was calmer, thinking how long it would take me (to be injured)”, The defender began in dialogue with TNS Sports when asked about the injury.

He then commented on his reaction to Aldair Rodríguez’s apology, making it clear that he does not hold any resentment towards the Alianza player. “ANDn the hotel he came to apologize, I took it in the best way, I told him ‘that’s it’, ‘nothing happens’, because sometimes we don’t measure when we’re on the court, we go without realizing that we kick”, detailed the center.

It was that, no more, I don’t think it was with bad intention. We are exposed to this, it could have happened to anyone”, he added about it.

It was done, then I was just thinking about recovery”, sentenced Robert Rojas, who is recovering favorably after being operated on for a fracture of the left tibia and fibula.

In principle, it is expected that the Paraguayan defender will be off the pitch for at least three to four months, thus missing the remainder of the first stage of the Copa Libertadores with River Plate.

Source: Elcomercio

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