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From the circuit to the rally: the debut of Renzo Felice in Caminos del Inca

Run Inca roads It is the goal of many of the Peruvian pilots. They grew up watching the traditional test and their goal is to be able to cross that checkered flag on the final podium and that is what Renzo Felice points out.

After several years of experience on the national circuit – track tests at racetracks – Renzo was encouraged to take a big turn and immerse himself in what Caminos del Inca is. He has already passed the technical checks of his Mazda Speed ​​to be at the starting point.

“I am very grateful to life for giving me the opportunity to be part of Caminos del Inca in its 50th Edition, a dream of my life,” says the pilot.

What Renzo knows is that for Caminos del Inca he must change the circuit chip he has. Accelerating only when necessary is a maxim in the national rally. “Used to not letting go on the circuit here, I have to be very careful when accelerating because the most important thing is to take care of the car in order to get to Cusco,” he understood.

For Renzo’s peace of mind, he will be accompanied as co-pilot by Edmundo Barrios, who already had his experience on Caminos del Inca. “I have a lot of knowledge about Caminos del Inca, because I had the opportunity to be able to accompany Beto Sanchez in 2019, so we already know about this competition,” he says.

On podium in La Chutana.  (Photo: Renzo Felice Press)

Caminos del Inca has already started with the technical revisions in the Costa Verde de Magdalena. Tomorrow the symbolic game will be given, on Saturday they will do the Super Primer in La Chutana and on Sunday the first section between Lima and Huancayo will be run.

Source: Elcomercio

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