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The MNM, a trident that has multiplied its numbers from last season to get excited about the Champions

The , now yes, it is responding to the height of the millions it invests. Your stars have firmly aligned in the same sky and are shining brighter than ever. With much better numbers than the previous season, the MNM -the fascinating Parisian trident- announces a dream ending. But we will have to wait. PSG, more than any other club, has already learned to handle its illusion with caution.

Although he had the forecasts in his favor, after the large number of stars he added to his squad, last season ended up being unlucky for him. on the Champions League. In his group he was relegated by Manchester City and in the round of 16 he stumbled upon the enormous hierarchy of Real Madrid, who later became champions of the tournament.

This time he has suffered the same fate, but not in the same way. The Parisian team managed to finish the first round of the European competition undefeated (four wins and two draws), but equalized with Benfica in everything: 14 points, 1-1 in their two direct confrontations, the same number of goals for and against … Just the number of away goals (9-6) meant that the Portuguese team took first place.

Similarly, He has nothing to reproach himself for now. Perhaps the only thing that could be scolded is not having beaten Benfica in France when the opportunity arose. But, at least, their figures responded in this first chapter, much better than the previous season.

In fact, if we compare the numbers of last season with the current ones, we can see that Lionel Messi, Neymar Y Kylian Mbappe They have made a great statistical improvement and together they plan to continue along the same path to take their team to the throne of Europe for the first time.

Improvement in Champions

Without a doubt, the trident MNM has positively increased its production in the current edition of the Champions League. The Argentine, the Brazilian and the French complement each other much better than before on the pitch and that is also reflected in the figures.

To get started, Messi he played five games in the group stage – he missed the duel against Benfica in Paris due to injury – and contributed with four goals and four assists. The previous season he played the same number of games and scored five goals, but did not record any assists.

With Neymar, the improvement is much more noticeable. In the 2021/22 group stage, the Brazilian star went blank in four games played (0 goals and 0 assists); now he has two goals and three assists in five games.

Neymar is the one who has most improved his production in the Champions League (Photo by FRANCK FIFE / AFP)

Last but not least, Kylian Mbappe celebrated seven goals in the present campaign of the Champions, three more than the previous season. He also helped the team with three assists, three fewer than in the 2012/22 season, but that doesn’t change anything or very little.

Be that as it may, this time. But what excites the Parisians today is not so much this progress in the Champions League, but in general so far this season.

Spectacular first round

The competition in which it has been most evident that this popular trident has already been fully consolidated, so far, is in Ligue 1. The Argentine, Brazilian and French have shown off as they wanted in the French league and have beaten the figures from the first round of last season (19 dates) without even finishing the current one (13 dates).

As recalled, Leo Messi He went fairly unnoticed in the first round of Ligue 1 last season. He missed several games due to injury or other issues, having played only 11 dates, in which he barely registered a goal and an assist, which do not compare at all with his current statistics: seven goals and 10 assists in 12 games.

The 'MNM' is shining in Ligue 1 (AP Photo/Michel Euler)

Neymar, like his close friend, was also absent several times from the team in that same range. He played 10 games out of 19 and could barely contribute with three goals and three assists. He now he is breaking it in the current campaign. In fact, he has already celebrated 10 goals and eight assists in the 12 games he has played so far. Awesome.

Mbappe, meanwhile, was the only one who was saved at this time in the previous campaign. He scored nine goals and gave eight assists in 17 games played in the first round of Ligue 1, being the highest figure. Now, in five fewer games (12) he has already accumulated 11 goals and two assists.

The progress is evident. There are still six dates left before the end of the first stage of the French league and the ‘MNM’ has already greatly surpassed its past statistics. .

These fascinating numbers do nothing but excite all Parisians. Everything indicates that Messi, Neymar Y Mbappe they are at their best as a trident and they have already shown it more than once. Now it’s time to face the knockout keys of the Champions League and the challenge will be much more complicated. But the three take refuge in their great current production to try to conquer the most important crown.

Source: Elcomercio

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