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England resolves a conflict with goals and surpasses a curious record set by Peru | CHRONICLE

Though England thrashed Iran 6-2 In the second match of the 2022 World Cup, Qatar having the ball almost four times longer than the Asians (80%), the confidence before the game of the British fans, journalists, fans scattered around the world and even bettors, was not great.

Except for that of the same footballers who were clear that today the first of the teams we could call candidates made their debut, the world watched as the goals scored for a substitute goalkeeper while the defenders dressed in red flew by and

The team led by Gareth Southgatea Premier League team more Jude Bellingham -Borussia Dortmund midfielder-, took to the field with a 4-5-1 and a clear slogan: make noise from the football proposal but also from the speech that this time did not need a word.

The British began their participation in the World Cup with very seasoned ingredients: no response from FIFA to the request to use emblems in favor of Human Rights, with a large part of the West questioning the legitimacy of the event, and against Iran, the team of Carlos Queiroz who international pressure was able to leave without participating.

The rival on duty, who conceded their worst win in the World Cups since 1978 when they fell to Peru de Cueto, Cubillas and Velásquez 4-1left on the bench sardar azmounthe Bayer Leverkusen striker, who a few months ago wrote on his social networks “Long live Iranian women” following the murder of Mahsa Aminia 22-year-old girl, temporarily detained by the moral police because she was not wearing her hijab.

Thus, in this climate in which the goals of Jude Bellingham, Bukayo Saka, rahem sterling, Marcus Rashford Y Jack Grealishfor the English, a football exhibition was developed that appealed to the control, inventiveness, precision and youth of a team that has been questioned since it lost to Italy in September and was relegated in the Nations League.

“He went to B”was the mockery of what some call the football world towards a country that boasts of having invented a sport in which it has not been champion since 1966. Of course, the counterpart of this is that its local league, the Premier, enjoys the best health and the greatest prestige in the world, both for the money it generates but also for an undeniable philosophy of placing the human being above the business (although this is debatable).

The match against the Iranians, in addition to having had a chilling injury to goalkeeper Alireza Beiranvandwho came face to face with one of its defenders, also meant the clash of two nations that have gone to war since the 21st century, with some intervals longer than others -such as the Anglo-Soviet invasion of 1941- and whose political relations they broke down in 1978 with the Islamic Revolution.

Thus, in the midst of all the aforementioned, with a win, a significant number of fouls,

What’s next? The tension does not seem to end and in what could be called a great irony, Iran will face Welsh Y state United in what Osvaldo Soriano would have named “a war without deaths but with conflict”.


Source: Elcomercio

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