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The Million World Cup: The figures that surpass Messi and Cristiano in market value


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Just as happens in the stock market, the market value of soccer players does not remain constant over time, it fluctuates according to a series of internalities and externalities that revolve around the ball. In this sense, DT used the time horizon of the last four years as a reference, since it is the time that passed between the World Cup tournaments in Russia and Qatar.

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The data of the eleven most important players of three generations that dispute the championship in the Middle East were taken. From the iconic Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, through experienced players like Kevin De Bruyne and Neymar, to the new generation headed by Kylian Mbappé, Federico Valverde, among others.

duel of legends

No doubt Lionel Messi Y Cristiano Ronaldo They are part of the Top 10 of the most important footballers in history. What they achieved on a soccer field will be very difficult for future generations to match. Staying in force for more than fifteen years in the elite is only synonymous with its greatness. Although the expiration time looms more and more. Having as one of its central chapters Qatar 2022, the last World Cup that these two iconic characters will play.

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One of the indicators that mark the final stretch of their careers is the variation in their cost. The Argentine star went from being worth 160 to 50 million euros, a reduction of 69%. That is, from the end of 2018 to date, its price fell by 27.5 million. € per year. This is explained by his 35 years and the numerical drop he has had, especially in the last two years with the PSG shirt, where he came to score close to 35% of his goalscoring production with Barcelona.

The ‘Bug’ is not left behind and on a larger scale than the ‘Flea’. His devaluation is 80% and he is ranked 384 of the most expensive players in the world. Meanwhile, the captain of the Albiceleste positions himself in box 79. Not only does his 35 years on the calendar take its toll on the Portuguese, but also the change of team. Arriving at Manchester United to find his second youth led him to reach unimaginable records (worst scoring streak in the last 15 years) for a player of his career, added to the fact that he did not win any title last season.

Market value of Cristiano Ronaldo between 2018 and 2022. (Image: Own elaboration with Transfermarkt sources)


There is another group of stars whose age range oscillates between 27 and 31 years and who have played at least one World Cup. One of the most relevant data is that neymar it lost its value by 58%, going from 180 to 75 million euros. This cost is the one that was quoted in his second year with Barcelona (2014). The last course he played 25 games, scoring 11 goals, none in the Champions League. At 30 years old, the most expensive signing in history seems to have devalued without brake.

Another one that lost value is Kevin DeBruyne. At the end of 2018 it reached its maximum valuation of 150 million. €. This after winning the bronze medal in Russia 2018, being one of the main figures in Belgium. After falling 20 million (June 2019), exactly one year later it managed to reach its maximum peak. What came next was only decrease. Unlike the Brazilian, the Belgian is explained more by the devaluation effects left by the pandemic. His statistics indicate 19 goals and 15 assists with Manchester City in the 2021-2022 season.

PlayerAgeCountryValue 2018Value 2022Variation
joshua kimmich27Germany60 million €80 million €+33%
Bernardo Silva28Portugal65 million €80 million €+23%
Harry Kane29England150 million €90 million €-40%
Kevin DeBruyne31Belgium150 million €80 million €-47%
neymar30Brazil180 million €75 million €-58%


Finally we have the shining stars of today. Only one of them registers a participation in World Cups. Is about kylian mbappe, who even had the luxury of guiding his country to the 2018 title; performance that allowed him to reach the price of 200 mill. €. Despite the fact that it did not remain at that price, it only decreased by 20% in four seasons.

Federico Valverde deserves a special mention. The star of Uruguay and Real Madrid grew by 1576%. Crazy for any major league player. He was very close to integrating the Celeste list for Russia, when he was still on loan at Deportivo La Coruña. The market value of it was 6 mill. €, 16.6 times less than what it costs today (€100 million). He was already on the rise, but he reached that figure mainly because of the spectacular 22-23 season that he has been carrying out (nine touchdowns and six assists), the best of his career.

PlayerAgeCountryValue 2018Value 2022Variation
Federico Valverde24Uruguay6 million €100 million €+1567%
Phil Foden22England20 million €110 million €+450%
Vinicius Junior22Brazil35 million €120 million €+242%
kylian mbappe23France200 million €160 million €– twenty%

Source: Elcomercio

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