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France-Australia: Olivier Giroud forever in history

He carried this reputation as a world champion for a long time without the slightest goal. In 2018, Olivier Giroud ran a lot, repaired as best he could, accumulated huge sums, but never shook the net. This image of a scorer without statistics has gone so far as to give rise to lies in some. The former Gunners and Blues striker, now playing for AC Milan, would never have scored a goal in a World Cup.

This, of course, is not true. In Brazil, eight years ago, he participated in the tricolor festival against Switzerland (5-2) in the group stage, scoring and providing an assist. This Tuesday evening, this heresy disappeared forever from the skies of Doha. Olivier Giroud, 36, scored a historic double. Eleven years and eleven days after his first choice at the Stade de France against the United States, he is now equal to Thierry Henry and ranked number one in France’s scorer rankings. 51 goals for 51 shades of an outstanding striker who is as prestigious as he is incomparable.

With him, nothing is guaranteed, but often it ends well.

This man is a believer who likes to say he believes. True to his principles, he thanks heaven after the fiftieth. Hands in the air, knees on the ground, then it won’t be his best move. Giroud only needs to push Adrien Rabiot’s offer with his right foot.

50th minute, we believe the doppelgänger is falling from the sky. Giroud opens the trunk of the Zlataneri because yes, he also has a bunch of keys. Unfortunately, after a caviar from Hernandez, his returning scissors hit the right post. The light will appear 20 minutes after the canopy. His perfect head fools Ryan. As a symbol, before celebrating this goal, which he knows better than anyone else, he has yet to recover from the unpleasant push of the opponent. Nothing is ever taken for granted with this man, but it often ends well.

Jewel with or without balloon

Giroud only had three days to put himself in the holder’s shoes after long believing he wouldn’t even be on the trip. A Phoenix of his caliber has risen from the ashes more than once.

“As an athlete, I am always hungry. In my old age, it is determination and reason that make me still here today, I am never satisfied and always want more, ”he recalled on Thursday at a press conference. He also took the opportunity to reiterate what he can give to this group. The role of the “man-target”, the point of fixation. On the ground it was sometimes difficult, as well as with the head. But still, the second most successful team player did not miss.

Rabiot’s first goal also reminded us of the invisible power of this master of the air. It’s the two Socceroos defenders trying to neutralize him before the ball reaches the Turin midfielder. On the eve of the match, the Australian journalist reminded his French colleagues of the obvious. “You lose Benzema, but you have Giroud to cover you.” There are truths that are useful to repeat, and untruths that are useful to bury forever. The homeland of football is grateful to great people.

Source: Le Parisien

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