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World Cup: “Take a photo with Messi” … How Herve Renard remobilized the Saudis against Argentina

The action takes place during halftime of Saudi Arabia’s match against Argentina on Tuesday in the bowels of Lusail Stadium. Saudi Arabia are 0-1 down on Lionel Messi’s early penalty, but they are about to beat Albicelesta to sign one of the biggest feats in World Cup history with two magnificent second-half goals (2-1).

To all the feat of his great speech. It goes to Herve Renard, the Saudi Arabian French coach who is used to strong speeches. In the locker room, during a break, a coach in a white T-shirt speaks English to his players, which the assistant translates into Arabic.

“Guys, what are we doing here? Is this pressure? Pressing doesn’t mean you have to go high. (points to the player) Messi is in midfield, he has the ball, you are in front of the defenders. Take your phone, you can take a picture with it if you want. “Then he runs to mimic the pressure he expects.

“You are doing well with the ball,” he continues to insist on the positive moment of the first act. Did you see what you did? Don’t you feel anything there? Don’t you think we can go back? Don’t you feel it? »

“They play relaxed. Come on guys, come on! This is the World Cup. Give everything you have. Be focused. Come on, move! »

The sequel will prove that the French coach, to whom the Saudi fans would like to offer an oil well as a thank you, was heard by his players.

Source: Le Parisien

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