SportsWorld Cup 2022: Qualified first in eighth place, France...

World Cup 2022: Qualified first in eighth place, France already impressive


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There will be a round of 16 to confirm and measure everything that grows before our eyes and resembles something. A blue soul shrouds this World Cup in Qatar, in the imperfection of a team in reenactment, but in the interstellar genius of Jupiterian Kylian Mbappe’s hip, declared a threat turned into a permanent poison. The French team went to the next round and gave themselves a chance to survive in the match against Tunisia for oil, and the substitutes, finally, in crampons. It’s not Christmas yet, but it’s already Boxing Day.

Didier Deschamps is in the process of building a tournament team as we know his method and his Euro 2016 Blues. There are players who assert themselves, like Dayo Upamecano and Adrien Rabiot, under the sign of personal vengeance, tricolor fate to pick up to take off. The roles are being specified, like Antoine Griezmann, on the ramp with built-in GPS, or Kylian Mbappe, left winger with an axis on the horizon and in the occupation zone in the course of the meeting, a form of sacrifice for him, as he likes. cover the entire attack front. Others develop more in their register but retain a sense of community within the disciplinary boundaries imposed by the coach.

Adrien Rabiot, already the author of a successful debut against Australia, still weighed in at midfield. LP/Arnaud Journoy
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The idea is to become unplayable, which is not yet the case, even if Denmark has consistently remained far from Hugo Lloris’ goal in the first period, a sign of a newfound hermeticism. The French team is progressing in this competition, and it’s not just about points. He became competitive again with a weaker squad than at Euro 2021, but still a failure (relegated to the round of 16 on penalties by Switzerland).

Man offered the boss a tour

As for Kylian Mbappe, he certainly set a personal goal in this shared world to score goals in every World Cup match. He has four achievements left, from the final against Croatia in 2018 to the first meetings in Qatar, and it’s time for him to say that he will not play against Tunisia a priori, at least not from the start. That’s probably why he allowed himself a bit of a lead with a double kick and hip after a header against Australia.

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We can’t wait to see what the next surface of his body he will choose. His Grand Slam seems like a crazy and possibly impossible challenge, but this dream fits his personality and his ecosystem. He lives for the stories he wants to tell his viewers as a scout and you have to watch it. We’ll be in the front row. Also, he rants about blue supporters, asking them to turn up the volume. Mbappe offered the boss tour to the French.

Hugo Lloris did too, but he equalized on the first Danish shot on target, which shows that the moment was unfair, even if the Scandinavians played the second period on a better standard, closer to what was used this summer to cut France twice. . A goal conceded from a corner is like a bad habit reappearing in a fragile team after too many months on set pieces.

Before the Danish goal, Deschamps had already replaced Olivier Giroud with Marcus Thuram and continued to modify his eleven, in post-by-post mode with Ibrahima Konate in place of Raphael Varane to hold back the blow on his return, and Kingsley Coman to take over the destroyer role from which Ousmane Dembele refused, returning from the locker room. The Barcelona player was very good, but not long enough, which gives us a fairly wide range of progress.

Source: Le Parisien

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