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DIRECT. Argentina-Mexico: the hour of last chance has come for Messi and his family


Favorable counterattack for Lozano, who blew up the Mexican game, but he is waited behind and loses the ball.


On each side of the field, the intensity is impressive. Duels are multiplying.


The ball is well worked out and flies in front of the gate. He comes very close to being cut by the Mexican, but finally pulls out at 6m.


Montiel’s big mistake at Lozano, the tone is set! Far free kick for Mexico.


Corner of Mexico. I shot very badly at the near post and cleared it.


The Mexicans put on a lot of pressure, including on the initiative of Vega.


Vega confronts him alone, but he makes the mistake of planting his forearm in his opponent’s face.


The first Argentine center is dropped by the defense.

Let’s go to !

The beginning is given by Mexico.


It’s time for hymns!


Players take to the pitch!


Who will cross France in 8th place?

As a reminder, the two eliminated Cs from this group will face the two eliminated from group D, who come from the Blues. After beating Denmark this afternoon, first place is almost guaranteed to France. And so she will face the second in Group C. And if it were Argentina, like in 2018?


2010 and 2006, previous

This is not the first time the Argentines have faced Mexico in the group stage. In 2010 in South Africa, Albiceleste won 3-1 thanks to a brace from Carlos Tevez and another goal from Gonzalo Higuain. In 2006, Argentina won 1-0 thanks to a great goal from Maxi Rodriguez.


Argentina changes everything

With 5 new starters on his team against Mexico, the Argentine coach decided to upset his 11 after a surprise loss to Saudi Arabia.


Match referee

Today’s game will be refereed by Mr. Daniele Orsato, referee of the first match between Qatar and Ecuador.


Composition of Mexico


Argentina squad


Hi all!

Welcome to to follow the live commentary on the World Cup Group C match between Argentina and Mexico. Starting at 20:00 at Lusail Stadium.

Source: Le Parisien

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