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World Cup 2022: “We have this fury to win”, strong and enthusiastic words of Raphael Varane


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“This time it’s not Adil Rami.” As he prepares to answer a question, Rafael Varane is stopped by a fire alarm that had just gone off in the middle of a press conference. The defender casts a knowing glance at the media member accompanying him and laughs at the situation with the journalists present. The scene is only a few moments long and marks a pause in the long, detailed conversation of the Blues vice-captain, who returned to the competition on Saturday night.

Did you have concerns before resuming?

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RAPHAEL VARAN. No, no special concerns. From the moment the coach started me, I was physically and mentally ready. Resuming the World Cup match is not easy, but I was ready. It’s a cover, I’m not 100% yet, but I’ve worked hard and still work here. I hope to become stronger in this competition.

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Is it better for you to continue against Tunisia?

I haven’t talked to the coach about it yet, we’ll first think about what’s best for the team, then we’ll see what’s best for me and make the best decision. I feel myself good. It’s best to be on time, but we’ll see about that with the coach.

How do you rate your association with Dayot Upamecano?

It was our first two-player game together. He is a player who has many qualities, he is still young, he has come a long way, he is right whether it is his game or his attitude. We have changed a lot to create these automatisms that are important in defense. We have complementary qualities. He is a smart player in his position and with his behavior on the field, everything went very well. I felt very good with him.

How do you assess the career of Hugo Lloris, who is just one step away from equaling the record of Lilian Thuram in blue (142)?

I have a lot of respect for the player and the person. This is a chance to have this stability, this longevity in the French team. He is a very reliable player, conveys his calmness and serenity to the team. This is a chance to develop with a goalkeeper like him. Respect ! Because a high level is not easy, and staying on it is even more difficult. Really respect!

You, who wore the “One Love” armband, how do you feel about the rejection of the French team? And can you tell us more about the charitable foundation you created and the NGOs you want to help?

As for the extra-sporty side, with the players we decided to express ourselves through writing. We decided to work together with the Generation 2018 endowment fund. This is a joint decision of the players, we remain within our role, within our framework. We remain active and everything related to this topic has been said. With regard to NGOs, I think that a decision on specific actions will be taken early next year. It is progressing and you will be informed as soon as there is progress.

Does Kylian Mbappe still impress you?

He has developed a lot. It started very strong, very early and continues to gain momentum. He has a head on his shoulders and he knows where he wants to go. We are very happy that the French team has a decisive Kylian. There are a lot of expectations around him, and he answers!

Should we avoid Argentina in the round of 16 at all costs?

Let’s see who it will be. We know that in any case, to go all the way, we will have to play big teams. There is no easy match, especially in the future with knockout matches. The group is calm, we rely on this mentality of a competitor, a winner. We have this fury to win! We must keep the course and this mentality. Talent is not enough, you need this overcoming state of mind. We talked about it before the game against Denmark. We have a motivated and calm group. Getting to Game 3 by qualifying is a luxury few teams can afford. You must take advantage.

Can France go all the way with four attacking players on the pitch?

I didn’t feel fragile (Saturday night). I saw a strong team against Denmark. We have to find a balance, we have to make the system work well, but we didn’t face any more difficulties than with a more attacking player. With such an imbalance, we can also be more dangerous in attack. On the one hand we lose, on the other we win.

Where do you put this French team compared to the previous ones?

It is based on the experience of 2016 and 2018 with young people arriving and a growing group. This is a good combination of experience and youth. This is a group with great talent. What is needed is to continue to work with the same values, with this humility and this seriousness in the work. The talent of this team is very great, it is especially necessary to make it a point of honor to follow the mentality. The role of the elders is also this: to make sure that the mentality of the group remains good.

Can we make a comparison with 2018?

I think we shouldn’t make too many comparisons, that’s for another time. The difficulty of this competition is to react to the present in the moment. Every World Cup, every major tournament has its own history. There are different states of the form. Four years in football is an eternity. We can draw inspiration from what we have done well, this is an additional experience for us, but we should not try to copy what we have done and live in the present moment.

What role does Steve Mandanda play in the group, who could play the third game?

He has the role of an older brother for each of us, they listen to him. He is the guarantor of the good mood of the group. If we’re going in the wrong direction, he’s one of those who will speak up. It’s a guarantee of safety, it’s a comforting word for the group. He can also transmit with a staff. He has a very important role.

How would you describe Les Bleus’ style of play?

We are pretty unpredictable. You can play low block, high pressure. We can play in possession, in counterattack. We have players with different and quite complementary qualities. We must use the right weapons to be as effective as possible. Depending on the opponent and the time of the match, we are trying to find the most effective formula for dealing damage. Parties? You’ve seen what kind of players we have! It’s normal that we pass by the sides. Here we have very talented players where we can destabilize the opponent. It’s easier than an axle. This is often the most effective solution.

Source: Le Parisien

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