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Fullkrug, from Claudio Pizarro’s farewell match to score a saving goal for Germany in Qatar 2022

Niclas Fullkrug will now remember what he had to experience in football to get to play in a World Cup. The attacker scored the 1-1 goal against Spain that gives life to Germany in Qatar 2022. In just his second game with his team -he played the friendly against Oman-, he already has his own story.

Fullkrug was trained at Werder Bremen while Claudio Pizarro became an idol at the Lizards. That’s how he made it to the first team, but he had to leave the club in search of opportunities. He went through Hurenmberg and Hannover to return to Bremen in 2019, where he “reunited” with the Peruvian.

That season Fullkrug had to suffer, since Bremen saved the loss in the Bundesliga and managed to stay in the playoffs against Heidenheim.

Curiously, Niclas has had to be in the last two games that Claudio Pizarro has played. He was in the 6-1 defeat of Cologne on the last date of the 2019-20 Bundesliga where Fullkrug started and Pizarro entered in the 87th minute. Then they played the playoffs, but Pizarro did not add minutes in those games against Heidenheim and Fullkrug did.

And Fullkrug was also at Claudio Pizarro’s farewell party, on September 24. The attacker from Germany was part of the Werder Bremen squad that played the triangle with Bayern and the Friends of Pizarro. He even scored a goal for the Peruvian team.

“I also got to play with Piza for a couple of years. Of course, it was a really intense period when I turned professional. At only 18 years old I was able to do some target practice with Claudio. I watched him closely and tried to imitate him. He was a truly exceptional player, ”he declared when his presence at the Bombardero de los Andes farewell match was made official.

Today, Fullkrug is a trend in Germany for his goal against Spain. A missile that decreed the 1-1 against Spain that keeps the Teutons alive in the World Cup.

Source: Elcomercio

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