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Martino says goodbye to Mexico after “great failure” in Qatar 2022: “My contract ended”

Gerardo Martino He is no longer going as technical director of the selection of Mexicowhich this Wednesday was eliminated in Qatar 2022 despite closing out the group stage with a win against Saudi Arabia. The coach himself acknowledged that his contract with the ‘Tri’ “won when the referee whistled the end” and “the great failure” of the Aztec World Cup was consummated, in a mea culpa with a farewell flavor.

I couldn’t tell people anything at all because I am the one most responsible for this terrible disappointment and frustration that we have. As responsible for this that causes a lot of sadness, I fully assume responsibility for this great failure”, he started by saying at the press conference. “There is no reason that now makes me think that the future should be differently. The contract expired when the referee whistled the end”, he added.

The pass was lost tonight. It was our best game, where we created the most goal situations and we could have scored the number of goals we needed, but we failed”, indicated a ‘Tata’ who did not hide when answering what he regrets about his management during this World Cup.

Not having sustained the rhythm of the game in the first half against Poland in the second half. There perhaps he deserved some kind of variation. Then, I thought about it later, in the match against Argentina and being 0-0, we could have modified the tactical system in the second half to face it with our usual scheme”, he replied.

Of course, he called for an internal meeting the aspects of improvement of Mexican soccer. “They are much more internal reasons for analysis where one can think more clearly. I am in no other position than assuming the failure we have suffered. I will leave my analysis to the Federation if they ask me, but the fragile position in which we remain does not allow me to do this type of analysis“, said.

What I have seen I have discussed with the president and with Gerardo Torrado, now with Jaime, and it has been the reason for many meetings. Not for the near future, for the distant. Those in charge of modifying something in the future of Mexican soccer must have this type of report, exposing it to the outside would be to increase a debate that must be internal. And journalists must participate in this debate”, he added.

I am very grateful to the president and the two sports directors because I have had permanent contact during my years. I have not suffered any interference”, he continued.

In addition, ‘Tata’ Martino wanted to deny any confrontation with the footballers, despite the fact that some of them, such as César Chávez or Edson Álvarez, reproached him for the approach in the second game against Argentina. “After Luis Chávez, the best today was Edson Álvarez. Perhaps Edson did not understand the decision -to be a substitute against Argentina-. There was no conflict with this situation, the truth is that”, he sentenced.

Source: Elcomercio

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