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Uruguay eliminated by one goal: the goal that the referee denied him and brought down Suárez | CHRONICLE

Uruguay won well 2-0 and relied on Portugal to advance. The Portuguese tied with South Korea and those results placed him among the 16 best. But the South Koreans claimed victory in the final minutes, leaving the South Americans out.

And what is Uruguay? A bad-decision coach named Diego Alonso. The light blue team seemed to be heading the way with the entry of Giorgian de Arrascaeta into the starting eleven and with a Luis Suárez giving everything. But again Alonso was wrong. In minute 80 he took out De Arrascaeta and Darwin Núñez, the figures on the field. Unimaginable that these variants would change history.

And it was victory but Uruguayan elimination. the tears of Luis Suarez they go around the world. The sadness on her face came when she heard about the South Korean goal. He then tried a reaction to encourage his companions, but his heart was already broken. And so he ended. If in South Africa he cried with emotion, this time he savors the rage.

final minutes

From Korea’s goal to the final whistle, Uruguay had up to 13 minutes to attempt the third goal that qualified them, but they no longer had any weapons other than their hearts. Because Cavani doesn’t shoot on goal, because Gómez’s shot goes wide, because referee Daniel Siebert didn’t give him an incredible penalty on Darwin Núñez.

“They gave us one more chance…”, warned the Uruguayan Football Association, and contrary to what history dictates, they could not take advantage of it. perhaps the German referee Siebert denied them. In the 57th minute, a foul by Amartey on Núñez woke up the VAR cameras, but the referee said no.

The ‘ball’ signal made by the referee indicates that the defender touched the ball. The pictures can dispute that criteria. If collected and scored, Uruguay was able to qualify.

With four points Uruguay is left out by goals in favor. It tied with South Korea on 4 points and 0 goal difference. For what happened to define the goals in favor and there the Asians had 4 goals against only 2 for the South Americans. A goal takes them out of the World Cup.

That is to say, the Ghanaians can also argue that they took away a penalty. He was fouled in the second half by Sergio Rochet on Rudus, but the referee also turned a blind eye. There are always controversies and everyone claims for their own.

Ghana rematch

And Ghana’s revenge came. Despite missing a penalty -André Ayew revived what was seen with Asamoah Gyan in South Africa 2010-, the Africans were never in a match. Uruguay went ahead and controlled the match. With the result against them, the Ghanaians were already playing another game: Uruguay could not celebrate.

And the goalkeeper Ati Zigi grew, and the defense increased its defenders and even allowed some counterattacks that could have sentenced the charrúas before. But football that yes, in one way or another, always gives you revenge. Ghana is enjoying it now when they still have to make tickets home.

Source: Elcomercio

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