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World Cup 2022: Argentina and Messi tremble through quarter-finals

Even if he was crumpled up with anguish, the match between Argentina and Australia (2-1) would serve as an invitation card for next Friday and an enticing Argentina-Netherlands match in the quarter-finals, where we can evoke memories of these matches apart. Cruyff’s magic during the 1974 World Cup, the final four years later at the Stadio Monumental in Buenos Aires, or Bergkamp’s majestic goal during the quarter-final in Marseille in 1998. Because when you spent your 18-year career panicking at the stats and accumulating records, you couldn’t play your 1,000th pro game in a day.

Lionel Messi shouldn’t have had such bad taste. On stage, the last song is often the one we remember. And we don’t leave looking sad. But the little Parisian and his selection weren’t really trying to pocket the audience, blast the decibels and make everyone dance. In the 1/8 finals of the World Cup, we had more rhythmic friendly matches of the district. We happily apologize to the Aussies who finished happy but seething three days earlier against Denmark (1-0). Minus the Argentines, who for 36 minutes served a form of porridge prepared on the basis of tactical control and lack of energy. Too economical with their courage against the Saudis (1-2) and too fearful against the Mexicans (2-0).

Messi scores in his 1,000th game

Where did this invincible team go almost four years before the start of the competition? We’re close to announcing a kidnapping. It takes a savior to release it all. Messi as a savior? The joke is hackneyed and worked hundreds of times out of a thousand. But she still works. You just have to ask. In this ocean of nothingness, the sevenfold Golden Ball brings everyone to the surface. After receiving a deep serve from Mac Allister after Otamendi’s pass, he delivers an accurate and dazzling left hand. Ryan defeated (1-0, 36th). On the flights of the Ben Ali Stadium, Argentine fans can finally sing, a tremolo of relief in their throats.

This is his fifth and final World Cup final. She has a taste for the end times and yet Messi seems to be the youngest on her team. We have entered a phase where fortunes change in 90 minutes. Or rather, 100 at this other World Cup. And it was up to him to make a difference. The fear of this Argentina is that only Messi has the key to open the enemy’s locks. Albicelesta remains too dependent on her little genius.

Suarez, taking advantage of De Paul’s good pressure on the goalkeeper, is thinking of closing the intrigue (2:0, 57th). But Goodwin’s blocked shot brings Argentina back to their fear of the start (2-1, 77th) and searing end of the match with dismay, as in this grand parade by Martinez in front of Cuol. This time it passes, but the shortcomings remain. Not because she beat Australia, she will boomerang away from the comeback until the end.

“It was a controlled game and then we scored a goal and missed the last chance at the very end of the game, we suffered until the last second,” Messi said. The most important thing is that we passed. The match was very difficult, we were tired, we had little time to recover, so I am very happy with this victory. »

Source: Le Parisien

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