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World Cup: “Who could believe it!” as Moroccan newspapers salute the feat of their lions

On the streets, in the houses and, of course, in the newspapers, the Moroccans savor, as expected, the feat of their Atlas lions, which plunged Spain after 120 marathon minutes and a brilliantly controlled series of shots on goal (0-0, 3-0 on penalties). On the front pages of the Arabic-language and French-language press, these are the same words, the same signs of recognition, respect, and ambition.

“Next!”, that’s the name of the daily Morocco today, with a little poignancy: “The Lions of Atlas conquered El Matador.” “Who could believe it! “, the daily writes enthusiastically in its columns, applauding teammates Ashraf Hakimi’s dedication and tenacity in defense. “Ready to pass the ball to Luis Enrique’s men, Walid Regraga’s men showed unfailing stoicism and exemplary concentration to silence the opposition. catenaccio with Moroccan flair to thwart all La Roja’s designs. »

“Bounu sends the Spaniards home”

For another French daily MorningMorocco is among the “elite of the best teams in the world”. “Arriving in Qatar in the status of a little finger, the Atlas Lions, contrary to forecasts, exceeded all expectations and exceeded all expectations,” they say. “Through this unprecedented feat, the Lions of Atlas allowed the Moroccans to experience unforgettable scenes of collective jubilation,” marked in particular by images massively broadcast by local media and social media of Mohammed VI in euphoria on the streets of Rabat. driving your car.

The Arabic-language daily Al-Ittihad puts goalkeeper Yassin Bunu in the spotlight as he was carried in triumph by teammates after two saved shots, and approximates the penalty shoot-out score of 0-3. In the Moroccan online media, we also salute the man of the match winner. Bunu, the nightmare of the Spaniards, the title is as follows Opinionwhereas Sports 360° article title: Bunu sends Spaniards home.

Now the place according to the results of the competition. The Arabic-language daily Al-Alam wants to be upbeat by running an ambitious “Yes, we can” in English on the front page of its issue. In his online edition Morning greets the future enemy of the Moroccans with the following promise: “After Spain, the lions turn their claws towards Portugal.”

Source: Le Parisien

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