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VIDEO. World Cup: how Algerian public television silenced Morocco’s victory

In Algeria, while the football fans obviously did not fail to watch and rejoice at the progress of the Moroccan team to the semi-finals of the World Cup, the historic addition of the Atlas Lions in the last four matches of the World Cup, however, did not attract the attention of the Algerian public television newspapers. The first African and Arab team to reach this stage of the competition, Morocco’s 1-0 victory over Portugal was blacked out by the Algerian state media on broadcast at 19:00 (in French) and 20:00 in Arabic) on 10 December. in his episode aired the next day at noon according to our findings.

It must be said that strong diplomatic tensions have poisoned relations between Algeria and Morocco for many years. Since the start of the Canal Algérie World Cup occult systematic performance of the national team of Morocco. His news releases prefer to focus on signs of the social tensions that the Cherifian kingdom is experiencing. Ignoring the distinguished careers of Moroccan footballers, Algerian public television regularly presents a bleak and decadent vision of its neighbour, describing the Moroccan population as “out of breath” because they live in a country threatened by “chaos”.

Source: Le Parisien

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