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Neymar shows the chats with his teammates after the elimination of Brazil from the World Cup

The dream of winning the Qatar 2022 World Cup ended for the Brazilian team in the quarterfinals, after losing in a penalty shootout against Croatia (4-2). The fall meant a hard blow for the squad and Neymar decided to share some chats with his teammates, revealing the great sadness that everyone felt.

“I decided to expose this (without their permission) so they can see how much we wanted and how united we were. Those were some of the messages that I exchanged with the group. Feeling very sad, but we have to be stronger to move forward and I am sure that with the support of all the fans we will come back stronger.”expressed the PSG star in a story on Instagram.

Support for Rodrygo

One of the conversations revealed is between Neymar and Rodrygo, who missed the ‘Canarinha’s’ first shot in the penalty shootout.

Neymar: I am here to tell you that you are a crack… It is an honor to be able to be part of your career, to hear you say that I am one of your idols and to see you become one of the cracks in the history of Brazil. Penalties are missed by those who kick, I have already missed many in my career and I learned from all of them. But I never gave up, I always sought to improve and I perfected myself in everything. I like your grace, not because of the player, but because of the good people and the good heart you have. Stay firm, those criticisms will make you strong and you will remember everything I tell you. You are going to bring a drink to Brazil. I wish you the best of the world. Disconnect these days, rest and come back with everything. I am here for whatever you need, without demagogy. We are together!

Rodrigo: Thank you, my idol, for everything, from the heart. Sorry for anything and for postponing your dream too. I hope you continue with the people, to conquer together. Sure, if it’s the best for you. We are together always and thanks for the love.

Neymar: Damn sorry. Re crazy? Only those who kick miss and you are crack… But later I teach you how to kick!

Rodrigo: I’m going to need it (laughs).

Support to Marquinhos

In the same way, ‘Ney’ spoke with Marquinhos, a defender who missed Brazil’s fourth shot, which consummated the defeat.

Neymar: How are you? I’m here to tell you that I’m your fan. A penalty is not going to change what I think of you. I’m with you forever and you know it. Love you.

Marquinhos: And there brother. Little by little improving. Just time (and look there) to get all this out. And you? How are you? Thanks for the message and for thinking of me, brother. You are a beast, I really wanted everything to go well. It sucks to think that that penalty was an obstacle in our dream. But let’s go, we have to be strong, give time to time and see what football has in store for us.

Neymar: That is the thought, give time to time. I know more than anyone that everything happens, good times and bad. Stay firm, take advantage of the family and never forget that in addition to your partner I am your friend and I love you. I love you and we are still together.

Marquinhos: It’s true, brother. Only we know what we went through to get here, and what we spent those days there. That’s why it hurts a lot, the weight is great, but God knows what he does, if he gave me this it’s because I can bear it and continue.

The conversation between Neymar and Marquinhos.  (Photo: Capture)

Captain Thiago Silva’s message

Finally, Neymar also spoke with Thiago Silva, captain of the Brazilian team.

Neymar: We are going to have to continue brother, sadly it is so. I really wanted to give you that cup. You, me and Dani (Alves) deserved it too much. But God has our purpose and he knows all things.

Thiago Silva: Brother, it’s more fucked up than you imagine the truth. I can not stand. I can’t believe we lost. I can not believe it. Every time I remember it, daughters of p… make me want to cry. But I’ll be fine.

Neymar: Every time I watch TV I get angry, how sad.

Neymar and Thiago Silva's conversation.  (Photo: Capture)

Despite not wearing the ribbon on his arm, Neymar has shown leadership in the Brazilian team, both in attitude and in football. After recovering from injury in the group stage, the striker gradually returned to his best version, although it wasn’t enough to help his team win the World Cup.

Source: Elcomercio

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