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How does the Moroccan-Peruvian community experience the historic feat of their team in Qatar 2022?

According to the United Nations (UN), in 2019 the migrant population of Morocco in Peru it was 45 inhabitants. Although it is a minuscule figure, they are the second most representative African country on national soil, only being surpassed by South Africa (145). A small community that today vibrates with the historic campaign of its team in the World Cup Qatar 2022.

Total Sport contacted the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco and they are preparing to watch the game in a special way. This Wednesday they will go to the Club Áraba Palestino for Moroccans and Arabs to push for the African team.

“Like all Moroccan ambassadors in the world, the Embassy in Lima plans to bring together the entire Moroccan community residing in the country, Morocco’s friends and all the soccer fans, to watch the match at the Club Árabe de Lima and celebrate the participation of the Atlas Lions in the World Cup in Qatar 2022. The ambassadors of several Arab and African countries will also be present to see and celebrate the new feat of the National Team, representative of African and Arab football”explained Amin Chaoudri, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in Peru.

Likewise, the diplomat told us a little more about this population that resides in our country. “The majority of Moroccan citizens are married to Peruvians. How could it be otherwise, the internet and social networks have had a lot to do with this process of rapprochement. It should be noted that the hospitality of Peruvian society has greatly helped the integration of our Moroccan community in the country. They usually celebrate this type of achievement in the central square of Miraflores, as an emblematic and tourist place in the city of Lima”.

This medium spoke with Mostapha Wise, a Moroccan citizen who has lived in Peru for more than a year. He explained what it means for his country what those led by the strategist Walid Regragui have been achieving. “It is a very important fact. We have a sports addiction there. Now everyone is aware of what may happen this Wednesday, from children to the elderly.

He also said that for the matches against Portugal and Spain they met in a cafeteria located in Miraflores, experiencing a unique moment for Moroccan and African football. “It’s too exciting, but we don’t celebrate like in your country, being few is our disadvantage, although we get together with our Peruvian families who share our joys and congratulate us with messages or calls knowing that our country is now in the semifinals.”

Hug from a distance

More than 7 thousand kilometers away, Moroccan citizens do not stop celebrating and vibrating with the formidable campaign of the African team in Asian lands. This is how Rakif Ayoub from the El Botola portal tells it, who points out that the government is giving many facilities so that no citizen misses the matches of the World Cup sensation.

“It is a great moment for all Moroccans and also for Arab and African countries, the celebration in Morocco has not stopped until now, nobody expected this success in the World Cup, because we have a coaching staff that has just arrived before three months. The government did not declare any holidays, but it gives a lot of possibilities for all the workers to watch the national team matches despite the work shifts, and it has also put the big screens in different places, so here in Morocco it is live an exceptional environment”, recounts from Rabat, capital of Morocco.

On the other hand, the journalist highlights the psychological aspect as the main key that Morocco has to have reached the semifinals of Qatar 22. After having eliminated important teams in the world, in the Arab country they are fully convinced that France is a rival to the that they can beat, which would leave them ninety minutes away from fighting for the world title.

“Now, the team will face France without any stress, and also with a confidence boost, they won great games against historical teams like Belgium and Spain and Portugal, I am very sure that the players will face this gale without any complex. The success factors are psychological in the first place, and that could give Morocco a better chance of reaching the final and, why not, win the title.” pointed out.

Source: Elcomercio

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