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The position of Iker Casillas for the penalty for Argentina that left doubts in Qatar 2022 | PHOTO

Argentina, with a sensational performance by Lionel Messi (one goal and one assist), settled into the grand final of the Qatar 2022 World Cup with a 3-0 victory against Croatia (Julián Álvarez scored a double). But, beyond the result, a feeling remained in the air that the story of the commitment could be different due to the controversy that helped open the scoring.

After half an hour of the commitment, the ‘Spider’ Álvarez attacked the ball with the intention of inaugurating the account at the Icónico de Lusail stadium. However, the Manchester City striker’s advance was stopped by goalkeeper Dominik Livakovic. Immediately afterwards, the South American striker fell on the grass and the referee Daniele Orsato marked the maximum penalty.

Then, the members of Croatia complained because they believed that the infraction did not exist. The same position was supported by Felipe Ramos Rizo, who reported that he was present at the 2002 World Cup. And the former judge was not alone, because Iker Casillas, through Twitter, joined the idea of ​​the Mexican and those led by Luka Modric.

“Important data for which a penalty should not have been sanctioned: The goalkeeper’s right foot is always on the floor, contact is inevitable due to the inertia of the play, the ball. There is never a trip, contact is inevitable”expressed the former 58-year-old whistler through his social networks.

Along the same lines, the World Cup goalkeeper in South Africa in 2010 cited that message to point out: “Totally agree” and added a thumbs up emoticon, by way of expressing approval. Thus, according to Ramos and Casillas, the Albiceleste should not have had that opportunity to open the can in the first semifinal of the tournament.

Modric exploded against the referee

In the mixed zone, the Croatian captain focused on the controversial maneuver that marked the history of the engagement. “It’s a key moment in the game, he doesn’t give us a corner and he whistles a penalty, which wasn’t for me, because he shoots and collides with our goalkeeper. I can’t believe he took that penalty. That changes the game.”he said about Álvarez’s impact with Livakovic.

Modric then singled out Orsato for his performance: “I never talk about referees, but today it is impossible not to talk. It’s one of the worst I know. Not just for today’s game. He has whistled at me many times and I never have a good memory of him. It is a disaster”sentenced.

Source: Elcomercio

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