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Theo Hernández, the brother who replaced Lucas: the French who grew up without their father and make stories in the World Cup

Celebrate Theo, also Lucas. Theo Hernández scored the 1-0 of France vs. Morocco with a pirouette in the area in the Qatar 2022 semifinals. Theo marked it, his brother Lucas, whom he replaced, celebrates.

It is the story of the Hernández family, the two brothers called up by France for Qatar 2022. Lucas is a Bayern player, Theo of AC Milan. Both play in the same position.

The joy was not complete, since, in the first game against Australia, Lucas, the starter, was seriously injured and Theo was his replacement. He took over the position due to the ‘misfortune’ of his brother, and he more than fulfilled it.

Lucas is older and is the one who “suffered” the most when his father, Jean-Francois Hernández, abandoned them as children. “I never understood and I will never understand how he could leave, overnight, leaving us, my mother, my little brother (Theo) and me (…). Biologically he is my father, but I will never see him that way, ”he recounted.

The father reappeared 18 years later and according to his family, he did not abandon them. It was her mother who prevented her from seeing them, but that has not yet been clarified. Lucas and Theo were no longer interested. Soccer filled them.

in Qatar

“If I play I’ll be delighted and if I don’t because Theo plays, I’ll be even happier,” Lucas Hernández had said before the World Cup. He knew that he was the owner and that his brother’s job was to fight for his position.

Finally, the situation turned out in the worst way. Lucas tore the cruciate ligament in his left knee in the first game and from there, Theo started. Against Morocco in the semifinals he appeared with everything to score 1-0.

They are not the first pair of brothers to play in a World Cup in the same country, like the Danes De Boyer or Laudrup or the Ivorians Touré. But in Qatar we have also seen brothers in different teams, such as the Williams, Nico in Spain and Iñaki in Ghana.

Source: Elcomercio

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