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Macron comforts Mbappe after the Blues’ defeat and uses him as an example

In frustration, Emmanuel Macron – or more likely his Twitter account manager – made a mistake in French in his post-match social media post: “Les Bleus we (sic) make us dream,” he wrote as a mark of respect. . The mistake was quickly corrected with a new tweet, adding a missing “t”… Like millions of French people, the Head of State vibrated to the rhythm of the vicissitudes of this crazy match.

In the Lusail Stadium presidential stand, the one who has hitherto appeared with clenched jaws and crossed arms suddenly lets go, stands up and rushes forward, fists outstretched, with a greedy smile: Mbappé had just scored his penalty in the 80th minute. Moments later, after the equalizing goal, he takes off his jacket, rolls up his shirt sleeves, cannot stand still and, laughing, turns to FIFA President Gianni Infantino and the Emir of Qatar. “He is completely in his game,” says MP Carl Olive, who is present in the delegation.

“Such a comeback is a rarity in the history of football”

As soon as the penalty shoot-out is over, Macron, dressed in a navy suit, a football fan and aware of the implications of these images of empathy, comes down to comfort the players on the pitch. He spends a lot of time with Kylian Mbappe, stroking his head, guiding him on the shoulders, multiplying comforting gestures. He has a word for everyone, delayed with Didier Deschamps. He then, with a disappointed expression, participates in the official ceremony, a delicate exercise for underdogs. Curiously, his Argentine colleague is absent…because he was afraid to play “black cats” for Messi’s team!

At the end, Macron joined the French in the dressing room regarding the semi-final: “This kind of comeback is very rare in the history of football, we are amazingly back, it’s unusual what Kylian Mbappé did and the whole team was hungry again,” he said as he left, saying that is “proud” of what these “blues” have achieved.

The head of state also congratulated Argentina for being “a great country of sport and football” before expressing his preference for the question after the World Cup: what’s next for Didier Deschamps? Emmanuel Macron wants him to stay as a coach: “I told him that he must continue,” he told reporters.

The President himself then reported on a speech he had given to the French national team a few minutes earlier in the dressing room: “I told our players that sometimes they can feel sorry because it is very difficult for very young people. You must digest it. Today we have one who scored three goals when he already missed a penalty and digested it. That’s what makes great players. Long live the Republic and long live France, so I ended my speech in the locker room. »

Early this Monday morning, the president was due to fly to Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, from where he was to join the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, for the traditional Christmas with the troops. He will then co-chair an Iraq summit in Jordan on Tuesday and Wednesday. That is why the World Cup finalists will be well received at the Élysée but only in a few weeks.

Source: Le Parisien

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