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“I saw Pelé, Maradona… and Messi. My luck is immense”

Kempes was like a Greek god. Giant, long hair with curlers, elegant striker who was called ‘Matador’. Maradona (+) was, or became, a divinity without a single nation, protector of the entire planet, general of all battles. Both were the best players in the World Cup that they had to win, Mario at 78 and Diego at 86. With the passage of time – and the 90 and 2014 finals lost – they seemed increasingly unattainable, superior beings, until it was their turn this Sunday a Lionel Messi.

Goal scorer for his team (7) and best footballer in Qatar 2022, like these predecessor champions, the ’10’ and captain of the Argentine team closes the circle that was a tremendous pending task. Diego scored 8 in 21 World Cup matches, Kempes 6 in 18.

He did it, this time, in the highest state of his excellence: he scored 7 decisive goals in the competition –the one against Mexico, for me, hinge– and in the final against France, when the real stars appear as saviors, it was all what one expects: football leader of that team that dominated until the 80th minute, author of a penalty and cardiac 3-2 and in the penalty shootout, when the world was collapsing and some knees were bent, safe to take a penalty product, nothing more than its origins. Deceit and pasture, as they say there in Argentina.

Messi is world champion. Fair champion of the world. I’m going calmly to continue my week, because I can now say something that makes me proud:


Source: Elcomercio

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