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Argentinian fans burn fake coffin with photo of Kylian Mbappe

This Tuesday, December 20th, millions of Argentines celebrate with their hero the world title of Lionel Messi and his family. The country has been waiting for him for 36 years. In Buenos Aires, the crowd is huge, compact, impressive. In the middle, fans brandished a pike and burned a cardboard coffin with a photo of the French striker. Terrible and outrageous.

On BFM at 17:00, reporter Marie Gentrik is live among the fans. It’s rarely a good idea when there are celebrations; This is the best way to give a voice to the weak-minded or give them the opportunity to appear on the screen that they do not deserve.

Taking it live, the bearded Argentine grabs the microphone and shouts at all costs Concept, your mother’s shell A poetic phrase that can be translated as ” Hand, your mother’s head or Mbappe, your mother’s daddy… a common and vulgar slur and insult in South American countries, especially in Argentina, Chile or Peru. As such, it is directly aimed at the top scorer of the World Cup, whom the Argentines do not seem to forgive for scoring three goals and scaring them in the final.

It’s all ? No. Our colleague, pushed by the crowd, but less surprisingly, says she often hears this insult in the procession “and racist slurs,” she elaborates. Other fans, tipsy looking for a second of glory on TV on the other side of the world, shout into the microphone in turn. put several times, always against Kylian Mbappé. An insult that doesn’t need to be translated because it looks like its French equivalent.

Source: Le Parisien

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