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The mockery of Dibu Martínez against Mbappé during the celebrations of the Argentine team | PHOTO

The Argentine national team arrived in their country this morning after winning the World Cup final, a sea of ​​people received them at the airport and escorted them to the AFA premises, however, that would not be enough, since the next day they would continue with the celebrations.

In the morning and afternoon, the players walked through the streets of Buenos Aires for the world title, which they obtained after 36 years, but something caught their attention inside the players’ bus.

The goalkeeper who saved a penalty in the World Cup final, Dibu Martínez, had a toy baby in his arms, but the most curious thing is that it had the face of Kylian Mbappé.

On the other hand, in the midst of the hubbub and the celebrations for winning the World Cup, the Argentines took to the streets in order to see the idols who achieved the feat. However, chaos and accidents, in many cases, have been inevitable. Authorities have reported multiple incidents in and around the Obelisk, and throughout the city of Buenos Aires.

In the last few hours, a video has been circulating where two fans try to get into the convertible car of the Argentine team by jumping off a bridge: one achieved his goal, the other, instead, fell flat on his face. The fan who managed to sneak onto the bus was immediately detained.

Source: Elcomercio

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