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Pelé: this is how the king of football played before Maradona and Messi | VIDEO

Governor of soccer, owner of the goal. What Pele, none. He has had many “successors” in his country and abroad, but so many years have passed and none of those “successors” have yet been able to live up to him. He is one of the best of all time. There’s no doubt.

And it is that before it shined Diego Armando Maradona or the same Lionel Messiwho continues to delight the world to this day with his talent, was the great Pelewho gave us football as we know it today.

The Brazilian, with more than a thousand matches and a thousand goals on his account, left a huge mark that will be impossible to erase. He, then, is such a king that he sat on the world throne three times with his selection, a feat that no other player has been able to repeat.

Not coincidentally, he is always the protagonist in the eternal debate of who is the best in history. In fact, many put Pele at the top without a doubt. And is not for less.

Endless generations will spend admiring and imitating him on the court. His greatest deeds remain in the archive and, for any football lover -even those who are born today- it will be mandatory to see it forever and ever.

Pele is eternal. Blessed are those who saw him, amazed those who followed him. O’Rei is football itself, the eternal glory. This is a short, but very special video about his legend.

Source: Elcomercio

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