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The future is now: Jostin Alarcón, Yuriel Celi and the young footballers to follow in Liga 1 2023

They were ranked into twenty categories based on their top position and activity level in eight different play areas. The main metric of the study is the level of experience, which helps to prospect which footballers have a greater margin to consecrate themselves during the following years. The variables evaluated were game time, competitive level of the games played and results.

Fruit of the work and trust placed in youth players. enriquezFor example, he accumulated 3,150 minutes in 2022 in the 35 games he saved with Binacional. He was the undisputed starter as Jostin Alarcon in Sports Boys. The midfielder played 2,414 minutes (31 PJ) with the chalaco team, in addition to playing two games for the Copa Sudamericana. He had international contact and scored five goals in the local league, which is why Cristal, one of the greats of Peru, was given the pass. Marco Huaman he participated with 1919 minutes in the season with Sport Huancayo.

Three names that Peru shows the world among cracks that are a reality like Ansu fati From Barcelona. Our league, so beaten and disqualified, has talent. Although the regulation puts more obstacles. Was it a good decision to remove the bag of minutes without finding a solution? Are the clubs responsible with their quarries to give their youth minutes? These are some questions that everyone asks with an eye to the future.

“The Bag of Minutes helped youth players to show off and earn a place in the first division. Likewise, it must also be taken into account that there are very few training teams that bet on their youth players. Short-termism is the worst enemy of the youngest. analyzes the journalist Franz Tamayo.

The problem is established, especially since Peruvian soccer has not exported players for a long time. She does not show her jewelry to the world. Pizarros, Paolos or Farfanes no longer appear. “A key factor is football maturity and the only thing that can be done to achieve that is playing and accumulating minutes in Liga 1. adds Gonzalo Landacay, a press man who has been following youth soccer in the country for years.

Are we an exporting country of soccer players? Or before what panorama are the youth of the national league? For a well-known player agent, “We believe that we are an exporting country of soccer players and we are not. Before us is Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, now last Ecuador, Paraguay. We are in the queue”. The specialist understands that League 1 is not the most sought after by clubs abroad, but he does not lose faith that the football industry in our country will stop being informal and without projection.

Next year, without a bag of minutes, and with the big clubs building their teams with experienced players, it is expected that the youth players will find space and show what they are made of. Therefore, below we leave you a list of ten promising Under 21 footballers who should have more participation. A report prepared together with the aforementioned specialists.

Diego Enriquez

Position: Goalkeeper

Club: Binational

Date of birth: January 24, 2002

City of birth: Abancay

Value (Transfermarkt): 450 thousand dollars

Games played in 2022: 35

Formed in Sporting Cristal, but without space in the first team, Diego Enriquez (20 years old, Abancay) plays for Deportivo Binacional. He came to the club on loan during the last season and extended his stay throughout 2023. In 2020 he was loaned to Cienciano for half a season, then he went to Cusco FC in 2021. In the ‘Powerful of the South’ he started and played the 90 minutes in 35 of the 36 League 1 games.

The goalkeeper has not yet been called up to the absolute Peruvian team; however, he joined the minor divisions of all categories, from Sub 13 to Sub 23. Precisely, in the latter he was called up in October 2022 and played the international friendly Peru vs. Chile, where he started.

Marco Huaman

Position: Defense

Club: Sport Huancayo

Date of birth: September 25, 2002

City of birth: Huancayo

Value (Transfermarkt): 348 thousand dollars

Games played in 2022: 29

Sport Huancayo youth squad, the right-back debuted in 2021 against Deportivo Municipal. In that campaign he played 17 games, where he gave an assist. He was born in the city and has always defended the colors of ‘Red Matador’.

Huaman was one of the undisputed starters in the season for Sport Huancayo. He played 29 games, in addition to fighting for the Apertura Tournament that they were close to winning. He scored a goal, his first as a professional. And in recent days his renewal for another year became official.

aron sanchez

Position: Defense

Club: Cantolao

Date of birth: May 4, 2003

City of birth: Callao

Value (Transfermarkt): 670 thousand dollars

Games played in 2022: 23

It is multifunctional. It can be central or right side. Arón Sánchez, at 19 years old, is one of the footballers with the greatest projection in Peruvian football. He debuted in 2020 against Cienciano at just 16 years old and starting. Since then he has accumulated a total of 59 games in the first division.

In addition, he participated in the Sub 17 and Sub 20 teams. He participated in the South American Sub 17 where he played four games, two as a starter. The Peruvian team would reach the final hexagonal where it was close to qualifying for the World Cup played in Brazil. He played two friendlies with the Sub 20 against Chile and Brazil.

Adrian Ascues

Position: Steering wheel

Club: Sporting Cristal

Date of birth: November 15, 2002

City of birth: Lima

Value (Transfermarkt): 616 thousand dollars

Games played in 2022: 33

He made minor divisions at Sporting Cristal and had a stint at Alianza Lima. He started playing football as a winger, a left winger, and as he got older, they put him in midfield 10 or 8. That is why it is understood that he has a good reading of the game and is very fast one on one.

In 2021 he consolidated himself in Deportivo Municipal where he participated 17 times, 10 as a starter in the First Division. His team was ranked 12th in the accumulated without reaching an international tournament. On December 1, 2022, he signed for Sporting Cristal with a view to League 1 and Copa Libertadores in 2023.

Jostin Alarcon

Position: Steering wheel

Club: Sporting Cristal

Date of birth: July 12, 2002

City of birth: Lima

Value (Transfermarkt): 563 thousand dollars

Games played in 2022: 33

He made minor divisions in Deportivo Municipal. In 2021 she passed tests to stay in Sport Boys and this year she was one of the revelations of the tournament. This 2022 she played 33 games, scored 5 goals and distributed 6 assists. Her versatility was also useful for coach Juan Alayo, since he worked as a winger on the left, right and even in the center as a ten.

He was part of the call for the Under 23 team, where he played a friendly against Chile. On November 15, 2022, the FPF announced the call to face the friendly matches against Paraguay and Bolivia in November 2022.

Yuriel Celi

Position: Steering wheel

Club: Carlos A. Mannucci

Date of birth: February 20, 2002

City of birth: Callao

Value (Transfermarkt): 500 thousand dollars

Games played in 2022: 33

It is the promise waiting to be fulfilled. At 20 years old, and his last at Mannucci (if he stays), Yuriel wants 2023 to be the year in which he manages to stand out and emigrate. Midfielder that he started his career in Cantolao, a club he joined at the age of eight.

Celi has integrated the Under 15 and Under 17 teams of Peru, in addition to being called up to the Under 23 team. He played in the 2017 South American Under-15 Soccer Championship held in Argentina, a tournament in which they managed to reach the semifinal stage, falling before the organizer and eventual champion. In said tournament, Celi scored two goals against Bolivia and Ecuador during the group stage.

Kenji Cabrera

Position: Steering wheel

Club: Melgar

Date of birth: January 27, 2003

City of birth: Lima

Value (Transfermarkt): 482 thousand dollars

Games played in 2022: 28

The young soccer player was born in Shiga, Japan, on January 27, 2003. He trained at Esther Grande de Bentín and then belonged for a time to the minor divisions of Alianza Lima, where he stood out with great performances and goals.

In 2021 he arrived in Melgar de Arequipa. In ‘Domino’, sooner rather than later, he managed to earn a place in the main squad. Between Liga 1 and Copa Sudamericana, he made 28 appearances and recorded two assists. In addition, he was considered for the Under 20 team.

Mathias Carpio

Position: Steering wheel

Club: Cienciano

Date of birth: November 15, 2002

City of birth: Arequipa

Value (Transfermarkt): 375 thousand dollars

Games played in 2022: 28

Originally from Arequipa, he plays as an offensive midfielder, with a good touch on the ball, a good position on the field and a great playing scene. He arrived at Universitario de Deportes in 2018 to belong to his minor divisions, but he did not last long there, since the following year he was promoted to the first team due to his good conditions.

He had the opportunity to play in the first division, but then decided to go to Cienciano in search of more minutes. A few days ago he renewed his contract for all of 2023 with the aim of playing in the Copa Sudamericana and Liga 1.

Joao Grimaldo

Position: Front

Club: Sporting Cristal

Date of birth: February 20, 2003

City of birth: Lima

Value (Transfermarkt): 643 thousand dollars

Games played in 2022: 25

He began his training at Esther Grande de Bentín and later in the lower divisions of Sporting Cristal. He debuted with the rimenses in a friendly against Independiente del Valle where he made an assist. That year, Joao was part of the first team and played in the 2021 Bicentennial Cup, a competition in which he scored a goal. In addition, that same year, he was champion with the Under 18 team in the Extraordinary Tournament of the category.

Grimaldo was part of the Under 17 team of Peru in the South American championship of the 2019 category, where they reached the final hexagonal stage and were close to qualifying for the world championship in the category.

Juan Pablo Goicochea

Position: Front

Club: Alianza Lima

Date of birth: January 12, 2005

City of birth: Lima

Value (Transfermarkt): 107 thousand dollars

Games played in 2022: 1

He is 17 years old and measures one meter 81. He is a forward and in Alianza Lima they see him as the next ‘9’ to sell. Juan Pablo was trained in the minor divisions of Esther Grande de Bentín. In 2018, he signed for Alianza Lima, where he is part of the reserve team. He recently broke it in the Middle of the World Cup, in which he finished as the top scorer in the international competition.

He has been called up to the Under 20 team and had his professional debut at the hands of Guillermo Salas, the coach who has placed his trust in him. He is currently part of the Alliance first team with a view to the 2023 season.

watch out for them too

Daniel Huarancca, journalistic director of “VSN – Fútbol de minores”, the main Peruvian outlet that follows the minor divisions of our league, drew up a list of five soccer players who have not yet made their debut in the first division and that we should all take into account.

Jack Carhuallanqui (18 years old, University): recovery midfielder, usually called up to the U-20 team, already has a professional contract for two seasons with the ‘U’.

Diether Vásquez (19, U. César Vallejo): Skillful winger with goalscoring contribution, regularly called up by the Under-20s.

Jorge del Castillo (18, Alianza Lima): Skilled classic 10, good punch and vision of the game. It is part of the Alianza Lima preseason; In addition, it has a tour in all national teams.

Gilmar Paredes (19, Sporting Cristal): Right side with good projection for his band. He is a player to watch in the future.

Marlon Perea (19, Sporting Cristal): A very fast striker with a lot of goals, in the process of recovering from injury. Tour of the National Team and goalscorer of the Generation Cup. He would have to play this season at Cristal or look for options at Club due to competition for the position.

Source: Elcomercio

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