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When does the new shirt of the Peruvian team come out?

It’s official. The Peruvian team announced on its social networks the launch date of the new shirt that it will wear in the coming years and that will be made by the international brand Adidas.

“This January 17 we launched, together with Adidas, the new official jersey of the Peruvian team. And we began to think: how what some might define as a simple object, can mean so much to us”, Peru published from its official Twitter account. Likewise, he asked the fans to say what the Peruvian team jersey means to them.

“It is that we see the shirt as the soul of a country that, regardless of its differences, unites in a single breath. A symbol that carries our colors, our history, our dreams, our culture. For this reason, today we open a different thread, a thread of the soul. That, even though she can’t physically be in the jersey, we want her to have everything she means to us. Reply to this tweet with the hashtag telling us: What does the shirt mean to you? Together let’s make this the most soulful fan thread on all of Twitter.”

Official statement of the contract between FPF and Adidas

The president of the Peruvian Soccer Federation, Agustín Lozano, highlighted the importance of the brand’s leadership in the industry and how it carries out its operations in the country, “currently Adidas is the number one brand in the industry in Peru and is a branch official of the parent company in Germany, this assures us an impeccable job that will undoubtedly exceed any expectations”.

In addition, he specified that the future new official brand of the national team will form a team that will meet only the requirements of the institution, “we appreciate the disposition of the team that Adidas will designate to manage issues exclusively related to the federation, this will facilitate the fluidity of teamwork In addition, they are a brand that has written its history on the soccer fields and they know perfectly every detail that a team like ours needs”.

It is important to note that this agreement will start in 2023 and will run until 2026. All the men’s and women’s soccer, futsal, beach soccer teams, their minor divisions, and even, for the first time, the Peruvian ESports team They will wear the official Adidas clothing.

For his part, Secretary General Jean Marcel Robilliard also spoke about the new alliance: “We appreciate the interest and desire of Adidas to be part of our strategic partners and join as the official brand of our team, we are sure that this news will to cheer up the fans a lot”, commented the executive.

Finally, Raul Marcenaro, General Manager of adidas in Peru gave some insight into what the new white-red “skin” could be. “Our creative team has already been working on a design that will have the best technology of the brand. The desire we had to dress our team forces us to be meticulous with all the details and we are sure that the fan will identify with the design that we are preparing for the first official jersey that we will launch next year”.

It should be noted that the brand with the three stripes has already been in charge of making the Peru shirt in two qualifying processes, the first between 1978 and 1981, and the second between 1983 and 1985.

With this statement, Adidas is confirmed as the official brand in charge of the national team’s clothing and the countdown begins to discover the new Peru shirt and the details that Adidas will include in it by 2023.

Source: Elcomercio

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