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The UnoxUno of the Peruvian U-20 team that will debut today against Brazil

Sebastian Amasifuen (Lima Alliance)

Lanky goalkeeper, with character and the gift of command. From Pamplona Alta, he was nicknamed ‘Redmayne’, alluding to the Australian goalkeeper, after saving three penalties against Melgar in the semifinals of the Reserves Tournament. His strength is his virtue and at the same time his defect. He is a flying goalkeeper, with a correct bilge, but despite his height he doesn’t always do so well in the air.

Kluivert Aguilar (Lommel SK-Belgium)

He trained in Regatas and Sporting Cristal, but finished molding himself in Alianza Lima, where he made his debut in the First Division in 2019, at just sixteen years old by decision of the Uruguayan Pablo Bengoechea. The City Group business group acquired the pass from him and transferred it to Lommel SK of Belgian football. He is a winger with a great offensive vocation and, as such, he is solvent one on one. His weakness: it’s hard for him to watch his back.

Kluivert Aguilar is one of the few foreigners on the team.  PHOTO: Violeta Ayasta.

Aron Sanchez (Cantolao)

He is the player with the most matches in the First Division: 67. All with Cantolao, where he has been trained since he was little. He is the center back that every team would like to have: he has presence, clearance, speed, but also quality to play from the bottom. At some point Arsenal in England took an interest in him. The South American from Colombia is his great showcase to tempt a foreign club.

Aron Sánchez is close to leaving Cantolao.  PHOTO: Violeta Ayasta.

Matias Lazo (FBC Melgar)

The other experienced team. In 2022 he played Liga 1 and Copa Sudamericana. He is one of the most promising soccer players from the Melgar de Arequipa youth academy. He is a central defender with an excellent passing game, a puncher, who goes hard at crosses. Along with Aron Sánchez, he is called to be one of the highest points of the team in the rear zone.

Matías Lazo, bulwark in the rear.  PHOTO: Violeta Ayasta.

Sebastián Aranda (Lima Alliance)

He emerged from the blue and white youth academies, but was later loaned to the San Martín de Porres University where he made his debut in the First Division in the first semester of 2022. He is a quimbosous left-back, with an enormous facility to unfold and go on the attack. He has resources in one against one. And as for the brand he is not lazy. Much is expected of him.

Aranda is a winger above the level.  PHOTO: Violeta Ayasta.

Catriel Cabellos (Racing de Avellaneda-Argentina)

He is one of the most media players of this U-20 Selection. He was born in Buenos Aires and is the son of a Peruvian father and an Argentine mother. He wears the Racing Club de Avellaneda shirt. He can play as a left back, but in the Bicolor he is used as a front-line mixed midfielder. He has dynamics, brand and game. He usually joins the attack and finishes the plays himself.

Catriel Cabellos also has a great shot from long distance.  PHOTO: Violeta Ayasta.

Gonzalo Aguirre (New Chicago)

Son of Peruvians, born in Argentina. He plays for Nueva Chicago, a promotion team. A ductile midfielder, with deployment and who does not burn the ball. He joined the Bicolor in the last quarter of 2022, when it was still directed by Gustavo Roverano. Jaime Serna has ratified his trust.

Alvaro Rojas (University)

He is one of the minors on the team: he will not be of legal age until March. He is a skilled and conchudo lefty. Samuel Eugenio captured it in a massive test for Universitario de Deportes. He has directed it Piero Alva and also Jorge Araujo. He has a pass between the lines, he has a short strike and the ability to avoid rivals.

Álvaro Rojas, cream hope.

Kenji Cabrera (FBC Melgar)

He was born in Japan, but has lived almost all his life in Peru. He dazzled in the Copa Sudamericana with Melgar. Because of his self-confidence to face his markers, but above all to kick penalties in decisive instances. He trained at Esther Grande de Bentín and had a fleeting stint at Alianza Lima. He can play midfielder, winger and point guard.

Kenji Cabrera was sent off in the last preparation friendly against Bolivia.  PHOTO: Violeta Ayasta.

Juan Pablo Goicochea (Lima Alliance)

On January 12, he turned 18 years old. He is a very interesting striker, coming from Alianza Lima. He is the prototype of the modern ‘9 ′: he never tires of searching for spaces, stinging into the void and generating diagonals. He needs to sharpen his aim, as well as his dribbling. But he’s too smart to stand out. He is one of the great hopes of the team.

Goicochea will bring mobility to the bicolor attack.

Sebastien Pineau (Lima Alliance)

Until a few months ago he was no longer available. Everything seemed to indicate that he would play for Chile. However, Pineau eventually joined Jaime Serna’s team. He is a typical ‘9’: he plays with his back, holds the ball, unloads with his teammates and tries to make every one of his chances in the penalty area. He is not very fast.

Sebastien Pineau, from Chile to Peru.  PHOTO: Violeta Ayasta.

Source: Elcomercio

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