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The UnoxUno of Peru vs. Brazil in the South American Sub-20

Sebastian Amasifuen (5)

It had lime and sand. He delayed the goal cry of the Brazilians with several saves, where he made it clear that he is a goalkeeper with great athleticism. But then he had a false start on the second goal of the ‘Scratch’. In his favor, his defense helped him little or nothing. Still, he is a talent to watch. We would do wrong to demonize it.

Kluivert Aguilar (4)

It was not noticed that he is one of the most experienced and that he plays in Belgium. The former winger from Alianza Lima went into attack with many doubts and lukewarmness and did not score with the intensity that is needed in a match of this caliber. He did not launch a single poisonous cross into the Brazilian box. Can he improve? How not. But he has not been the best of starts.

Aaron Sanchez (4)

He started out well, commanding his area, imposing conditions from above and below, but then he collapsed. He committed a penalty that generated the 3-0. Unfortunately, instead of being a leader capable of raising his team when the goals began to arrive, he showed that he is still ready for these struggles.

Matias Lazo (5)

The captain of the Peruvian National Team offered security in several passages of the match. Above is usually imposed. But below he had certain cries. He has to get along better with Aron Sánchez. They are called to give peace of mind to the team. But this time they couldn’t do it against the ‘Canarinha’.

Sebastian Aranda (4)

He did not do badly, but he earned a yellow card and that conditioned him. He had some salvageable triangulations, but then he did not launch the attack and had some complications, when they played behind his back.

Jack Carhuallanqui (6)

The Universitario docking wheel complied as far as the gasoline gave him. He showed a better version in the first half, undoubtedly. He made it very clear that he needs more company to defend the Peruvian midfield more effectively.

Gonzalo Aguirre (5)

The New Chicago midfielder showed flashes. He knows with the ball, it doesn’t burn him, and he also scratches. But he lacked greater tactical rigor to put together a more solid block. He can offer much more. But we will still have to wait.

Catriel Cabellos (5)

It is the call to give hierarchy to the Peruvian team. There’s a reason he plays for Racing de Avellaneda. But he didn’t offer anything spectacular. He was lost in the chaos, and deflated. He has to take the reins of the Bicolor. It must be his watchword.

Dieter Vasquez (5)

Bold is. And that’s just not a rare quality anymore. But he did not associate as he should and he was seen alone at various times in the game. He should hang out more with Kenji Cabrera and Catriel Cabellos. Otherwise he will be inconsequential.

Kenji Cabrera (6)

Melgar’s butt hinted. He took care of most of the set pieces and produced some danger. He possesses enough skill to stack rivals. He unfortunately was injured in the discounts. Let’s hope he’s not serious. He will be needed in the tournament.

Sebastian Pineau (5)

The striker with the most scrolls on the team, the one who opted for Peru instead of Chile, did not finish once towards the Brazilian goal. He looked determined, but nothing more. It is also true that he did not have any clear play. And he is not one of the strikers who creates chances for himself. Urge of the collective.


Nicolas Amasifuen (4)

The left-back from Alianza Lima, the brother of Sebastián Amasifuen, entered to give him greater security and exit than Aranda, but there was no big difference. He had the most difficult part, when the Brazilian coach sent several attackers to win by demolition. And boy did it work for him.

Juan Pablo Goicochea (4)

The striker from Alianza Lima had a gray start: he entered just when Brazil scored the first goal, and since then everything has been uphill. Goicochea knows how to take advantage of spaces and chop when empty, but obviously he needs to be fed. This time he was not given.

Gilmar Paredes (4)

The winger from Sporting Cristal did not go in quite well. But being fair, as with Goicochea, they had everything against them: a packed Brazil that had already smelled blood. Let’s see if he has more chances during the South American.

Lisandro Vasquez (S/P)

The attacking midfielder from Melgar basically made an appearance. He didn’t have the time to make himself noticed. Hopefully it can become a reliable alternative.

Anderson Villacorta (S/P)

He entered to add minutes. The defense of César Vallejo is one of the youngest of the team. He aspires to be an option and that is important. Without variants we are in trouble.

Source: Elcomercio

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