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DT SURVEY: Why is Racing running the risk of hiring Paolo Guerrero?

1) What future do you see for Paolo Guerrero at Racing de Avellaneda?

2) Why do you think Racing is taking the risk of hiring him?

Ángel Flores, reporter for Willax Sports

1.- His uncertain future, as his career has been in recent years at the club and national team level due to his chronic injuries. However, I feel that if Paolo insists so much on having one last chance to revalidate his goalscoring quality in a team like Racing, it is because he has something more to give. Perhaps he wishes to turn off the criticism because Alianza did not arrive, it has to do with his character to achieve outstanding performances in a great Argentine and thus culminate his sporting career at the top.

2. Racing does not take risks, because the contract must be beneficial for the club due to the medical condition in which the striker arrives. They know that Paolo in the dressing room has a lot to contribute. Also, if Guerrero is at 50% of his goalscoring capacity, his stay will be more than paid for.

Willy Melgarejo, product of Dsports

1.- As a fan of the national team, let’s hope that you can end up in Racing, a great in South America. He has ratified it in an Argentine Super Cup. If he can end his career there, conceding goals, fine. Whether Racing football can be accommodated is another story. They play with a ‘9’ that comes from behind. And Paolo is no longer for that tour. This Paolo in this stage of his career is to live in the area, that the area of ​​his office. He doesn’t have to get out of there. The team will have to accommodate to rescue the best Paolo. You can’t do futurology, but there is a desire for him to do very well and for him to finish his degree in the best possible way.

2.- With monsters you can take these risks. Let’s hope the injuries don’t take their toll. You have to work the loads well. Paolo with 50% of his scoring ability can take Racing to the top. The support of the fans will be essential. Hopefully the bow can be opened for him. When he feels pampered, the best Paolo can appear.

Julio De Feudis, sports journalist for Tactical Talk

1.- It is no secret to anyone that he is 39 years old. At that age it is difficult for him to reach his top performance. It is a matter of life. You have to see how their knees are. His last experience in Avai, which ended up being relegated, was not good. He couldn’t settle. It was difficult for him to stand out in a team with many complications, in a competitive league. He now he will go to an entertainer of Argentine soccer. To the extent that he has some continuity, he will be able to get closer to the best Paolo Guerrero. I don’t see him playing full matches. But he is an experienced player who knows his habitat which is the area. It will be a future with minutes.

2.- Racing recently sold Copetti. He sold it to MLS. They have lost their spearhead and now Maximiliano Romero is playing, on loan from PSV. He did not have the continuity in front of the goal. He does not have a 9-weight Racing. Fernando Gago trusts that he can boost it. That’s why he takes that risk. Gago also had many knee injuries, he even broke his knees while playing against Peru at La Bombonera and he knows that with work the player can recover. In any case, Paolo Guerrero must pass the medical exams this Monday.

Fernando Gago has been the coach of Racing Club since October 2021. (Photo: AFP)

Aldo Viviano, sports journalist

1.- Knowing that it is his last chance, I have no doubt that Paolo Guerrero will give his all to reverse the bad year he had. I assume that he is in perfect physical condition to play, I don’t see him trying to surprise his new club by hiding some serious injury, and before that they will surely do the necessary tests. In my opinion, he will seek to leave in the best way of football, in a traditional team of the world champions league. He will be in everyone’s eyes.

2.- I don’t think you are assuming a total risk, I imagine there will be some clause in favor that allows you to dispense with your services, if it does not show the desired level. They take the risk looking at the resume of a born scorer, who perhaps comes from a bad year, but who left his mark in many places where he was, including the Peruvian team, of which he is their top scorer.

Edward Alva, producer of GolPerú

1.- It is uncertain how he can do, especially due to his recent history: in ten games with Avaí he has finished off fifteen times on goal, and Paolo is synonymous with goals. He comes to competitive football, with a lot of pressure. The question remains as to how he will react to this demand. But we know that Paolo has been able to reverse adverse situations. He is not the Paolo of a few years ago, but if he recovers 60% of his level, he can leave important things behind. There is a share of hope. He deserves to go through the front door.

2.- I don’t know if hiring him is a risk. He is a hierarchy player. They hire him for what he has meant. He has been world champion with Corinthians. You know that something can contribute to you. Racing is looking for a guy with his winning characteristics. Beyond goals, you can add that quota of hierarchy and rebellion.

Source: Elcomercio

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