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World Handball Championship: Germany, future opponent of the Blues in the quarter-finals

So it will be Germany. Defeated (28-26) for the first time since the start of the competition, Germany joined France in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Thus, the Blues avoid Norway, which is stronger on paper, but should not assume that they have already reached the quarter-finals in advance.

Disappointed in the latest edition, finishing 12th away from its ambitions and other great nations, the Nationalmannschaft has been chasing the international title since its Euro 2016 success. Its 21st century record comes down to another gold medal. (2004) and the 2007 World Cup. Very, very far from France, which has won four times more since 2000!

However, since the beginning of this World Cup, she has recovered a bit. Before the loss to the Norwegians, Icelandic coach Alfred Gislason’s men had won five times in the same number of games, in the preliminary round against Qatar (31-27), Serbia (34-33), Algeria (37-21), then against Argentina (39-19). ) and the Netherlands (33-26) in the main round.

It relies on a group in which the old ones, such as the legendary Andreas Wolf (31), goalkeeper Kielce (where Nicolas Turna, Nedim Remily and Dylan Nakhy play) in Poland, communicate with a promising renewal, on the image of Yuri Knorr, 22, author 10 first goals against Qatar. The specificity of this preparation is to bring together only players who play in the Bundesliga (except Wolff) and not only in the best clubs (only two in Flensburg, only one each in Kiel and Flensburg).

Whether it’s Germany or Norway this quarter, it makes little difference for the Blues. With six wins, including a very convincing victory over Spain this Sunday, Guillaume Gilles’ group is determined to go all the way. This necessarily implies an increase in adversity while all the favorites are there. “The World Cup is now starting,” Vincent Gerard explained this Sunday. Let’s see who we play against on Wednesday. I don’t have much preference, let’s see, anyway, calculations are not a good thing. »

For reference, France and Germany have met just twice in three years: in a friendly match last January and at the Games last summer. The Blues won narrowly each time (35-34 and 30-29). There is no doubt that they will once again be satisfied if the script is rewritten identically…

Source: Le Parisien

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