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How will Paolo Guerrero fare in Racing? “The 9 of us are like wines: we get better with the years”

Upon arrival, Paolo Guerrero He told the Argentine journalists that “what I want most is to play,” said the ‘9′. “I decided to come because Racing is an intense team,” he added.

For this reason, El Comercio contacted three ‘9’ in the hierarchy in League 1 to analyze how Paolo Guerrero, 39, can do in Racing.

Jose Carlos Fernandez

Zlatan played for Argentinos Juniors between 2021 and 2014. He played 8 games there, in the competitive Argentine League. “Paolo Guerrero has earned every opportunity that football gives him. Nothing in this life is free and what he has today is the product of the great career he has had “said the former Peruvian soccer player who last season played for Carlos A. Mannucci, where he is now part of the sports coordination.

German Carty

The Ostrich was champion of the Copa Sudamericana and the Recopa before River Plate and Boca Juniors, respectively. Something has to say. “If Paolo Guerrero is proposed, of course he will be an important player in Racing, since he has the opportunity to play again in a level club. Racing’s interest is for something, because they trust him, although injuries and negative situations have played a trick on him and decisions have played a trick on him”.

“That is why now I think that Paolo Guerrero is going to have an opportunity of his life that anyone else does not have, and he will be focused on preparing physically, which is what it cost him. I trust him as he prepares physically well. That is my personal opinion.”

Danilo Carando

On the 9th of Cienciano he played for clubs in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Arabia. He scored 121 in 351 games. This says. “I hope it goes very well. He is a terrific striker, with a tremendous personality, I have always admired him. In addition, he will find a team that has gotten used to always fighting at the top in recent years. That will benefit you.”

Without a doubt, he will experience it as a challenge and an important challenge for him. Racing is a big club, with a great fan base, and there you will find special motivation.”.

“His career as a player has been spectacular. It seems natural to me that a club like Racing pays attention to him. I don’t think age is a determining factor. In Argentine soccer, an example is Jose Sand, who at the age of 42 continues to score goals every season. The 9 of us are like wines: we get better with the years!!! And I’m sure Paolo will prove it”.

Now nothing else is Paolo’s turn.

Source: Elcomercio

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